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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Resources 

We're crowdsourcing resources to support component E.D.I. efforts. Please submit material via email to Pharris@aia.org. Find more information within each Component Persona Type.    

Persona Types

Component resources

Here are additional resources to support your EDI efforts.

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Recommendations for all Personas

These recommendations are ordered for implementation from beginners to advanced. 
  • EDI Baseline /Starting EDI- To help commence your EDI efforts, use these guidelines.
  • Make the Commitment through Board of Directors
  • Designate Leader/Committee
  • Self Assessment
  • Define the Why
  • Member Engagement
  • Create Action Plan with Metrics
  • Leadership Role/Committee
  • Define EDI for their Chapter
  • Create/Retool EDI Strategic Plan
  • Create EDI mission & vision
  • Define EDI Focus Areas
  • Diverse Programming (speakers, roundtables, celebrations)
  • Use Data to compare against local area
  • Create a DEI policy approved by BOD (Membership, Staff, Procedures)
  • Create KPIs around EDI
  • Create a reporting mechanism for internal & external DEI updates
  • Engagement Survey
  • Chapter Sharing
  • Volunteer Projects
  • Inclusive Recruiting
  • Develop communications plan that includes:
    • Awareness
    • Regular Updates
    • Member stories
    • Calendar of Events
    • Affinity Group Updates
  • Strategic Partnerships with Affinity Groups & HBCUs
  • Reverse Mentoring Program
  • Diverse Vendor/Contractor/Speaker/Jury Plan
  • K-12 Engagement Plan
  • Awards – Internal & External
  • Central Clearinghouse
  • Public Commitment
  • Chapter Mentor Program
  • Policy & Advocacy

CACE Webinar  E.D.I. Scorecard: PowerPoint presentation and recording 

Need help? 

Kimberly Yoho, CAE
Sr. Director, Workforce Leadership & EDI Strategies

Pat Harris, Hon. AIA
Sr. Director, Component Programs & Events

Kimberly Anderson, Hon. AIA CA
AIA Central Valley

Carlo Caccavale, Hon. AIA LA
AIA Los Angeles

Gina Calabro, Hon. AIA CT, NOMA
AIA Connecticut

Sue Presti
AIA Potomac Valley

Kate Shelton, CAE
AIA Charlotte