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Accreditation Requirements


Requirement 1: Follow AIA brand guidelines consistently across all the component’s electronic and print media to ensure members experience AIA as a unified organization.

Documentation: Provide the component website’s URL, and the institute will review the component’s web branding. Provide a copy of the component’s key print publications, such as a business card, letterhead, or at least one example of the cover of a magazine, brochure, or flyer, if produced.


Brand Guidelines


Brand Shop

Component Web Experience (CE)

Webinar Recording: Core Service- Member Communications

Requirement 2: Provide regular, visible promotion of specific AIA products—AIA Contract Documents, AIA Career Center, AIA Conference on Architecture, and AIAU—in the component’s electronic and print communications. (Revenues from these products are shared with components via resource allocation.)

Documentation: Provide screenshots of web communications or copies of print communications showing how the component advertises each of the four AIA products and services listed above.


Supporting the AIA Brand (see Component Web Experience (CE)) 


Requirement 3: Contribute at least one upcoming event to your component website that is hosted on the AIA digital platform. If the component does not participate on the AIA platform, maintain the component’s own web presence. To ensure members and the public can engage easily and directly with the component, provide a dedicated point of contact.

Documentation: Provide the component website’s URL. If the component does not have a website, the institute will verify that the component has uploaded content to its AIA hosted chapter website. Provide telephone, name, and contact information for the person who is the component’s primary point of contact. Provide a screenshot of this contact information on the component’s website or a URL for that webpage


How to: Contribute an event to the AIA digital platform

Need help with Communications?

AIA National staff are available to help.  We are available to answer questions, brainstorm a strategy, or help you leverage national content, expertise, and program resources so that you can maximize your components successful delivery of services in this core service area.

Frank Scanlan
Managing Director, Strategic Communications
(202) 626 7478

Caitlin Reagan
Director, Public Affairs
(202) 626 7548

Matt Tinder
Sr. Managers, Media Relations
(202) 626 7462

Langford Wiggins 
Manager, Component Communications & Engagement
(202) 626 7354

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