National Staff

AIA staff are available to help answer questions, brainstorm a strategy, or help you leverage national content, expertise, and program resources so that you can maximize your component's successful delivery value to the member. An Excel document with staff listed by name and department is available for download.

Component Engagement
Kevin D. Watkins, CAE
Sr. Vice President, Membership & Component Engagement
(202) 626 7370

Jen Schlueter, CAE
Managing Director, Component Engagement
(202) 626 7383

Ann Dorough, CAE
Director, Component Engagement
(202) 626 7412

Amy Richards, CAE
Director, Component Engagement
(202) 626 7334

Ruben Ramales, Assoc. AIA, NOMA
Senior Manager, Component Engagement
(202) 626 7482

Allison Read
Director, Component Leadership Programs
(202) 626 7518

Andrea Milo
Director, Academic engagement
(202) 626 7483