Get Accredited - Core Member Services

Component accreditation measures the component delivery of Core Member Services. These core services are not minimum standards; rather, these services are central to delivering member value and ensuring the long-term viability of the component. When every component delivers Core Member Services, AIA members everywhere have a consistent member experience, and the three tiers of AIA align to achieve our common goals.

2023 Component Accreditation Checkup – How to apply
Portal opens: November 15, 2023
Deadline to submit: January 15, 2024
Link to create and manage your submission > 

Accreditation checkup is a quick annual process (for years between full accreditations) that lets you demonstrate delivery of a small but important subset of the AIA Core Member Services. All AIA components and mandatory sections are required to file. Voluntary Sections do not file, because their sponsoring component is responsible.

Changes this year:  

Officers: Components now have access to enter their 2024 officers directly into Fonteva. A step-by-step guide is available to assist chapters in this process. We suggest that you take a moment to enter the officers before starting your submission. 

Insurance: Please obtain a certificate(s) of insurance from your insurer(s) to show coverage. Do not submit the policies themselves. This saves time for both submitters and reviewers.  


  1. Your staff or volunteer lead handling the application may add a collaborator to assist. Only the lead may make your final submission. 

  2. Usually, you will provide information about component activities occurring during calendar year 2023, except the tax question asks for your tax year 2022 return.

  3. If you partnered with other CES Providers to meet educational requirements, complete a CES Partner Form. 

  4. Uploaded documents should be in PDF form. 

  5. You may work on the questions in any order. You can save your work and finish at any time up to the deadline.  

  6. When you hit the final submit button, you'll be flagged on any required fields left undone. 

Have questions? Please contact Ann Dorough or (202) 626 7412.