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AIA Component Engagement Team

Ann Dorough, CAE
Director, Component Engagement

Small locals and intermediate locals
(staffed under 500 members)

Small intermediate states
(staffed under 1000 members)

Amy Richards, CAE
Director, Component Engagement

Big sibs and sizeable locals
(staffed with over 500 members)

Sizeable states
(staffed with 1000-2499 members)

Ruben Ramales, Assoc. AIA, NOMA
Senior Manager, Component Engagement

Volunteer-led components

Jen Schlueter, CAE
Managing Director, Component Engagement

Big states 
(staffed with over 2500 members)

International components

Allison Read
Director, Component Leadership Programs

Andrea Milo
Director, Academic Engagement

Devon Davis
Manager, K-12 Engagement

Component Staff Changes?

Ensure your component staff have access to all the resources and mailing lists they need. Report changes in staff or board members here >> Request Access/Staff Changes 

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