Recruit and retain members and engage members in the community.  

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Accreditation Requirements


Requirement 1: Welcome all new members and engage with members at each career stage to foster active participation in component activities.

In all-volunteer led components, the board and/or a membership committee is typically responsible for member retention and recruitment. Send membership applications and payments to the address on the membership application. New members may also join at

Documentation: Describe the component’s activities to recognize and engage members at each stage, if applicable to your membership: (1) new Associate and Architect members, (2) newly licensed architects, (3) architects, and (4) new Fellows. Provide at least one example of component communications to at least one of these categories of members.


Membership applications

Membership policies

Sample welcome letters

Sample member benefits guide

Member dues and renewals

Requirement 2: Conduct retention and recruitment efforts annually to ensure a healthy membership base. Use AIA member recruitment and retention resources, as described in the Member & Component Support Resource Guide, or the component may develop other such resources of its own.

Documentation: Describe the component’s member recruitment and retention activities. Provide samples of materials used to reach out to members for this purpose.


Template: Member value outreach call script for Components

2021 Recruitment marketing efforts

Talking membership: 25 terms every association pro should know

Dues Installment Program

Dues Installment Program FAQ

What do I get for my membership dues?

Requirement 3: Seek member feedback through meetings, focus groups, surveys, or another assessment method at least once every five years. Components may conduct this activity in partnership with other components in their state.

Documentation: Provide a summary of member feedback received from these assessment activities and state when the research was conducted.

Need help with Membership?

AIA National staff are available to help.  We are available to answer questions, brainstorm a strategy, or help you leverage national content, expertise, and program resources so that you can maximize your components successful delivery of services in this core service area.

Membership Leadership

Mike Skiados, CAE
Managing Director, Membership Strategy & Services
(202) 626 7437

Wanda Chambers-Steinberg, PMP
Director, Membership Engagement
(202) 626 7584

Christina Thomas
Sr. Director, Membership Operations
(202) 626 7392

Steve Broadwater
Director, Membership Strategy
(202) 626 7356

Steven Bell
Director, Membership Reporting & Billing
(202) 626 7593

For Additional Assistance

Kiwani Cooper
Associate, Membership Operations
(202) 626 7488

Veletta Crawford
Associate, Membership Call Center Operations
(202) 626 7581 

Jacqueline Der
Manager, Membership Billings
(202) 626 7393

Kathleen Detgen
Manager, Membership Collections and Training
(202) 626 7565

Dana French
Sr. Manager, Membership Call Center Operations
(202) 626 7424

Betteenia Hillman
Associate, Membership Call Center Operations
(202) 626 8047 

Alison Karfeld
Associate, Membership Call Center Operations
(202) 626 7454

Member Services
(800) 242 3837, Option 2 for Member Services

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