Public Outreach

Promote public awareness of the value of design and the role of architects. 

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Accreditation Requirements


Requirement 1: Raise awareness about the value of design and the role of architects using messaging and programs aimed at a public audience. The component should promote, use, or adapt the institute’s public outreach resources or develop its own resources.

Documentation: Describe at least one key public activity and the target audience. Provide at least one example of a public outreach communication or press release.


AIA Message Book

AIA Film Challenge

Webinar Recording: Public Outreach in Core Member Services 

A guide to engaging with civic leaders


Requirement 2: Recognize and publicize outstanding architecture projects by members. Highlight outstanding projects through tours, public displays, featured placement in communications, or a design awards program. (If offered, design awards need not be held annually.) Recognize and publicize those who provide exemplary service to the chapter and to the profession. Components within a state or region may collaborate on this activity.

Documentation: If the component offers a design awards program, provide a copy of the most recent call for entries. If not, please show or describe how the component highlights outstanding member work. Show or describe how the component recognizes and publicizes outstanding volunteers and leaders in the profession.


Best Practice: Sensory: A Project Architecture Installation

How to start a design awards program

Reaching the public with design awards

Design Awards: Jury Guidelines for Professional and Student Entries (AIA Chesapeake Bay)

Call for Submissions (AIA Maine Design Awards)

Architecture Cruise Tour (Boston Society for Architecture)

Need help with Public Outreach?

AIA National staff are available to help.  We are available to answer questions, brainstorm a strategy, or help you leverage national content, expertise, and program resources so that you can maximize your components successful delivery of services in this core service area.

Public Outreach and Strategic Communications

Frank Scanlan
Managing Director, Strategic Communications & Content, Public Relations/Outreach
(202) 626 7478

Jessie Cornelius
Sr. Director, Media Strategy
(202) 626 7302

Matt Tinder
Sr. Manager, Media Relations
(202) 626 7462

Caitlin Reagan
Director, Public Affairs
(202) 626 7548

Gaby Suarez
Sr. Manager, Public Affairs
(202) 626 7560

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