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Small Project Practitioners Round Table Toolkit

The toolkit serves as a resource for those wishing to engage in individual study and group discussions at the local level #SPP #SPPTips #Guides #Tips #Research

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SPP Tip: Give Up Email

By Chayanne Husar Emailing is of course a part of everyone's life and is a fast, effective way to keep a record of communication of a project. Using email to clarify meetings, understandings, and schedules helps to keep a project on task and moving forward and I would always encourage...

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Firm Management Tips - SPP - 2003-2006

Firm Management Tips via SPP blog entries/responses from 2003 through 2006 #SPPTips #Tips

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SPP Tip: Interior Design

We can do that too! I was pitching our Architectural Services to a client for a new large single family home project, when the conversation came to Interior Design Services. The client recognized our design skills but thought it best to work with a licensed Interior Designer for the...