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    RE: BLM

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    The binary choice presented by the proposed New York Times BLM page is a false dilemma You don't need to endorse BLM to be anti- racist any more than you need to endorse Q-Anon to be anti-child molestation. I share the sorrow and anger of injustices ...

  • Thanks, Ashley. Is there any way to see what the Continuing Education Units are for the various programs? I have attended a number of "events" recently and found out after the event that I earned LUs and not HSWs. Made me sad. Information on CEUs was ...

  • Posted in: College of Fellows

    Hello Sharon, Thank you for your thoughtful book suggestions. I look forward to reading them.  And thank you even more for your lifelong career in architecture, education, writing and working in the  pursuit of equality and justice. I , and I am sure ...

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