• A comprehensive collection of useful information on plastics is contained in the Architectural Plastics & Polymer Composites in the 21st Century Conference Proceedings Plus package, providing a valuable resource for those involved with historic ...

  • Posted in: Committee on Design

    Mister Price III, FAIA Thank you for your banter. LEED has improved the quality of fenestration systems in the world, which is the process of creating value for the edifice's owner, and, commonly more beautiful; the derived value of Architecture isn't ...

  • Posted in: Committee on Design

    I have no idea why you mention LEED, it's the 3 rd waive of green it seems. I started the first wave in 1973. Ed Mazria's drawings are actually sketches of my earliest works as the trailblazer for passive solar design. To be sure however, LEED, is ...

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