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    Jeff Smith

    Posted in: Committee on Design

    Jeff Smith used to be a COD regular and then he got involved with his state AIA.  At least, I think that was his excuse.  Anyway here is a link to an article about a house he did.  Great fun in these troubled times. All, please, be, and stay, well. ...

  • Posted in: Committee on Design

    Looks like just what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, It loads up and then stalls - a complete FAIL!! I've tried it a number of times in different ways. Any thoughts on how to see this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! Lee ...

  • Although other nations are experiencing autocratic take-over due to this virus. I am not sure I see this administration actually using that power to solve this crisis. While many of the actions needed must be taken at the national level, this administration ...

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