• Posted in: Small Firm Exchange

    Thanks all for your confirmation that the text was a scam.  I guess my spam filter caught the email scams, but was surprised by getting a text which seems to be an escalation of the email message since it indicates the same or similar space program.  ...

  • Posted in: Small Firm Exchange

    Yes, this is a scam! I've received that one a few times and recognized it right away as a scam. It's similar to other scams that have been around for a while. The goal is to steal money from you. This is how they work. After you have responded to ...

  • Posted in: Small Firm Exchange

    It's definitely a scam. I've gotten it several times from different phone numbers. They tried to get me to meet with their surveyor and pay for the survey or on their behalf. I told them I wanted 40 grand deposit through PayPal and they disappeared. ...

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