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    We have both programs at our firm. BlueBeam Revu is the better program, though there are 2 or 3 features in Adobe that are better. I recommend taking an initial training webinar on BlueBeam after you have been using if a few weeks. You need to use ...

  • Posted in: Small Firm Exchange

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice on CRM software/platforms to migrate from Excel. I tried using HubSpot, but I found it quite complicated with too many features for my needs. Is anyone using a simple, low-budget CRM that helps keep track of leads, ...

  • Design & Construction Business Development Mission to SE Asia - Hotsite (trade.gov) DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MISSION TO SE ASIA 10/28/2024 (8:00 AM) 11/01/2024 (7:00 PM) (GMT+08:00) Hong Kong REGISTRATION ...

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