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BI(h)OME (by Kevin Daly Architects)

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AIA Small Project Design (SPD) Knowledge Community supports, celebrates, and promotes small projects by engaging designers and the public.

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Because of the rapidly changing circumstances, please refer to for the latest information on A’20 sessions and events.


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  • It took me a while to understand that not everyone is my "IDEAL CLIENT." Some will value the services we provide, and ...

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    RE: A New Low

    My two cents: For small projects, a percentage just doesn't make sense for the effort involved. I know you're not 'supposed' ...

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    RE: A New Low

    January has been busy. Loads of prospective phone calls. Yesterday had the amazing occurrence of being on an initial ...

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  • The SPD advisory committee is pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Small Project Design Knowledge ...

  • March 2019 finds us hoping for Spring and excited about the future of our Knowledge Community. We held our leadership ...

  • With the revolution of internet users, marketers too have shifted online to grab the attention of many potential ...

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