SPP Tip: Interior Design

By Jean Dufresne AIA posted 06-12-2013 16:24


We can do that too!

I was pitching our Architectural Services to a client for a new large single family home project, when the conversation came to Interior Design Services.  The client recognized our design skills but thought it best to work with a licensed Interior Designer for the finishes and interior of the home.  We explained that we have the skills and resources to accomplish all of what an Interior Designer can do.  Unfortunately, the client was insistent on the value of the license.  Not wanting to lose such a critical aspect of the design on this project to someone else, I did some research and found out that in my state, IL, if you are a licensed architect, you can secure an Interior Designer’s license without any additional testing or credentials.  I applied for the license and received it shortly after.  I called the client back, told him I had secured my ID license and promptly was hired for the entire scope of work on the home.

Do you have another license, certificate or degree besides architecture that you feel is a significant asset to your business?