• Posted in: College of Fellows

    After reading all the comments and seeing the diversity of opinions, projections and possible scenarios....I humbly recommend that the AIA stay neutral on any govt political issue. 1. There are probably the same amount of Yays and Nays in our membership ...

  • Posted in: College of Fellows

    In response to various commenters, if you don’t think we should be expressing our opinion about so-called political issues, why do you continue so to do? Tell us to stop sharing our opinions, ok, not sure I agree, but be consistent: Don’t share you ...

  • I wish I could join to learn what this is all about. The headline makes no sense whatever, but it has opened my curiosity. However, I do not believe that I can join at 6:00 AM Pacific time on the 7Th. Sorry. Years ago, in Denmark, Christopher Alexander ...

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