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    Buildings from the 1900 era were documented well by the Sanford Fire Insurance maps. They are often in libraries and can be a quick overall study of these older buildings. Larger commercial buildings 1920-1940 may or may not be in Sanborn, but they might ...

  • Posted in: Interfaith Design

    Five tips, from Dr. Chris Elisara of the Ormond Center at Duke University and Rick Reinhard of The Lakelands Institute.  Reposted from Faith & Leadership of Duke Divinity School. https://faithandleadership.com/how-plan-the-post-pandemic-future-church-buildings#.Ydxq1oD8EU4.mailto ...

  • Posted in: Design for Aging

    Would you like to get more involved with the Design for Aging Advisory Committee? We would love your help.  We can use help with social media,  gathering contact lists with our students and colleges.  Help with Webinars.  Give us a shout! ------------------------------ ...

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