Our mission and our goals

By Brian D. McLaren AIA, CAE posted 12-31-2017 00:00



Interfaith Design (ID) is a Knowledge Community of the American Institute of Architects. It promotes an exchange of ideas, values and strategic information specifically relating to the design and construction of buildings, landscapes and works of art that serve a sacred purpose. 

Our goals & objectives

To grow, sustain and strengthen ID

  • Foster relations with patrons
  • Create a subcommittee structure to carry out the goals of ID
  • Assure continuity in ID leadership

To be the credible voice in matters pertaining to the interface of religion, art and architecture

  • Enhance the ID website to establish a “go to” reputation in matters pertaining to religious art and architecture
  • Use the internet to distribute information, resources, links, etc.

To provide valuable service to architects, artists and ministry leaders representing diverse faith traditions

  • Explore ways to collaborate with local components in the AIA to cosponsor regional events
  • Continue relationships with the editor and board of the journal Faith & Form, Worship Facilities and Expo (WFX) and other like-minded publications and organizations
  • Work with regional Knowledge Communities

To establish alliances with other organizations, institutions and individuals with similar interests

  • Work with other AIA Knowledge Communities
  • Partner with religious, arts and architectural organizations to network on resources, events, tours, and information
  • Reach out to artists, artisans, ministry leaders, architects and consultants to engage them in the “Forum.”