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The AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community (PD) promotes the architect’s leadership role in all project delivery methods by assembling and distributing knowledge and best practices for a variety of project delivery methods, e.g. design-build (DB), integrated project deliveries (IPD), and public-private partnerships (P3).

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Pankow Foundation project to develop an Owner's Project Delivery Selection Tool

  • 1.  Pankow Foundation project to develop an Owner's Project Delivery Selection Tool

    Posted 10-19-2022 04:35 PM
    Hi All - In many owner circles, there is a great deal of interest in a decision support tool that will help owners assess project risk (including internal risks) and help the owner selection the appropriate project delivery method. 
    If you are (or were) part of an owner organization, we were wondering if we could ask for your help. 
    Dr. Carrie Sturts Dossick, Dean Renee Cheng, Dr. Laura Osburn, and Daniel Dimitrov from the University of Washington's College of Built Environments are leading a Pankow funded project to develop a tool that will assess and improve owner decision-making with project delivery selection and management. Do you work in an owner organization?  Help us develop a tool to help owners understand their organizations' decision-making culture and the impact that this culture has on project delivery.

    Description of effort:
    The owner organization has a significant impact on the success of a capital project, however research on project delivery often focuses on the project team and how the delivery method supports key project performance indicators such as cost and schedule, as well as how it supports team interaction and team decision-making. What is not yet as well understood is the impact that owner organization characteristics such as their decision-making culture have on project success, nor how different owner organizational structures and cultures in terms of decision-making relates to successful use of different delivery methods. This proposed research project will develop a digital tool for owners to assess their decision-making profile and understand the challenges and alignments between this profile and project delivery for improved selection and management of project delivery methods.  We want a tool that is reliable and based on the owner's experiences.  To that end, we need your help.  Participate in Research!  

    Click here to learn more about the study and start the survey:
    The research team is launching their owner survey today.  It will remain open until November 19th.  If you are, or have been, part of an owner organization with a capital project program, please consider in participating in this survey. The survey should take about 8 to 10 minutes to complete.
    Thanks for your consideration to help with this project.

    Laura Stagner, FAIA, DBIA, PMP
    2022 Chair, Project Delivery Knowledge Committee
    US General Services Administration, retired
    Cherry Hill, NJ
    Safety Assessment Program Evaluator Training 2023, December 6 and 7. Earn 6.5 LUs HSW