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The Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) aims to foster innovation in the design of educational facilities through collaboration and heighten public awareness on the importance of environments for education.

Earn Continuing Ed. Credits by Learning Places

  • 1.  Earn Continuing Ed. Credits by Learning Places

    Posted 07-15-2022 12:48 PM
    Learning Places for Continuing Education Credits

    Online Course: Saving Cultural Resources by Learning Places.  This course introduces the learner to historic preservation within a broader cultural resources management curriculum.

    If you still need continuing education credits or want to help save a cultural resource you can achieve both by enrolling in the free tuition course offering. Learning Places offers 6 LUs for self reporting, optional certificates and extra credit work.

    Self reporting LUs can be accumulated per annum for the required six credits by completing the core modules in the self paced syllabus of the course, called I.D.E.A.L.S.

    Through the extra credit offerings the learner's can complete modules for Cultural Landscapes, Historic District National Register Nominations and Sustainable Best Practices. New modules are being added and additional Preservation Brief lessons from the NPS archives can be linked via HPEF for HSWs reported to the AIA.

    Click on link to enroll for free:

    Read More:

    Learning Places offers continuing education using the combined methods of service and long-distance online learning to help communities save their cultural resources. A new approach to learning the concepts and the best practices for applying preservation treatments and cultural resource management services for resources will be implemented within online modules of the syllabus completed by the cohorts of enrolled volunteer/students for the preservation of their own choice of historic property. 

    Building Online Resources:
    At first the Learning Places course will include the case studies selected by the instructor. Later cohorts will eventually read about previous student led projects as the examples are compiled for future modules and archival purposes. In this way the online course can become an organic resource bridging between the initial founder's case studies and the early cohorts with those future generations of learners.

    Enroll Now:   Click Here to Enroll

    Learning Places

    Dr. Barry Sulam
    Learning Places
    A sponsored project by CN!  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

    Barry Sulam
    [][Southwest Regional Historical Architect, Ret.]
    23.01.26 CxD - Technology in cities session_final