Like living on earth? Vote climate


By @Kira L. Gould

Anyone who read about the latest U.N. reports on the climate science predictions can be forgiven for feeling as though her week’s work amounted to decoupage on deck chairs. It was harrowing and disturbing. There’s been a lot of that on all fronts lately. 

So in October, a gentle reminder: Please exercise your right to vote next month. And consider voting with our changing climate in mind. As Paul Hawken reminded us recently, reversing global warming is actually possible. Architects and allied professionals have the tools and the wherewithal for the innovation that can get us there. But we must be sure that those in public office are working for local, state, and national policies that support a carbon smart future. 

There are resources to assist you; here are a few that we’ve found useful (and there may be others in your region that extend to local races): The League of Conservation Voters Candidate Climate Scorecard is a quick way to see candidates’ federal records on the climate. For a state by state assessment of U.S. senators and representatives, the Vote Climate PAC (which is focused on getting the U.S. off fossil fuels and putting a fee on carbon) has scored each individual and displays and explains these scores. See the Vote Climate PAC voter guide here. Another resource I like is the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Vote for Science action recommendations.

Kira Gould, Allied AIA, is principal of Kira Gould CONNECT, a communications consultancy to the AEC industry with a focus on sustainable design excellence, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.