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Learning by Design: Call for Entries

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Early bird deadline: September 29
Final entry deadline: October 20

Don't miss the Spring 2018 Learning By Design Architectural Awards program. Enter your latest K-12 and/or higher education work, win an award, and be seen by 50,000+ education and design professionals.

The final deadline to reserve an entry is September 29. Portfolio submission deadline is October 20.

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Academic Library Building Design: Resources for Planning

A guide to providing information for thinking about the design of new and renovated library space, and point toward additional resources that can support, inform and enhance the academic library design process.

Universal Design as a Success Strategy

Help faculty develop presentation material that benefits not only students with documented disabilities, but all students; Offer course methods that encourage all students to participate regardless of their learning styles and abilities; Discuss ways to encourage inclusive education in both traditional and nontraditional academic settings.

Bright School Competition

Help students, parents and teachers better understand the link between light, sleep and student health and performance. Through the Bright Schools competition, students in grades 6-8 will select a topic related to light and sleep and select one of three exploration options (developing a prototype, creating an awareness campaign or writing a research proposal) to create an original project.

School Safety Resources

Discuss integrating safety and security design thinking in educational environments with public officials, school administrators, teachers, parents, and students using this resource list.

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