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  • Get connected to the K12 subcommittee!

    We are looking for a group of energized individuals who can assist our committee in the acquisition, selection, and dissemination of content and sharing relevant to our membership, and to the learning environment community at large.

    Interested? Please contact Chris Blessen to get connected.

Learning by Design: Call for Entries

Summer18_CFE_P1.jpgFall 2018 Architectural Awards program
Call for Entries “Now Open”

Early Bird Savings Entry Deadline: March 16
Submissions Due: June 22


  • Received by 50,000+ education and design professionals. including all members A4LE & SCUP.
  • Blind judged by an AIA-CAE recommended panel of clients, architects and academics
  • Grand Prize winners receive double exposure!
  • Published: October 1, 2018

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Academic Library Building Design: Resources for Planning

A guide to providing information for thinking about the design of new and renovated library space, and point toward additional resources that can support, inform and enhance the academic library design process.

Universal Design as a Success Strategy

Help faculty develop presentation material that benefits not only students with documented disabilities, but all students; Offer course methods that encourage all students to participate regardless of their learning styles and abilities; Discuss ways to encourage inclusive education in both traditional and nontraditional academic settings.

School Safety Resources

Discuss integrating safety and security design thinking in educational environments with public officials, school administrators, teachers, parents, and students using this resource list.

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