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The Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) aims to foster innovation in the design of educational facilities through collaboration and heighten public awareness on the importance of environments for education.

CAE Conferences

By Brian D. McLaren AIA posted 12-31-2017 12:00 AM


CAE’s conferences explore a variety of learning environments for students from Pre-K to Higher Education. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in the latest dialogue about the environment's effect on learning--as well as being able to network with peers in the education design space. We have 2 conferences, one in the spring, and one in the fall.  Mark your calendars now and join us at the next conference!

2019 Spring conference: May 1-4

CAE’s Spring conference in Los Angeles explores a variety of learning environments for students from Pre-K to Higher Education, ranging from the privileged to the under-served and disadvantaged, under the theme of:  Community, Pedagogy and Design: Intersecting Ideas in the Service of Learners. 

Los Angeles, as a world center for design and experimentation, has a long history of creating  ground-breaking, innovative learning environments. It is the home of numerous educational institutions that are constantly being redeveloped and are reinventing themselves to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Our tours will include the work of well-known architects working with cutting edge educators in early childhood learning centers, charter and public schools, colleges and universities. We will be focused, in particular, on the exploration of institutions that are dedicated to the transformation of the communities surrounding them. 

The following are some of the key ideas being explored at the conference.

  • Students across a wide range of contexts are hurting and need our collective support
  • Establishing a strong sense of community and a culture of care in learning environments is key to helping students feel heard, seen, known and cared for.
  • Creating communities of curious learners in and around our schools and colleges is critical to the success of students and the future of our nation
  • The design process can and should serve as a catalyst for building relationships and establishing that culture of care
  • Design of physical environments is a valuable partner to forward leaning pedagogical approaches

 Come join us as we explore the challenges and achievements of education in the  rich and diverse urban landscape of LA.

2019 Fall Conference

Information coming soon!

Conference Archives

You can access some of the presentations and publications from our previous conference here.

List of previous conference locations and themes:
2017 Spring: Portland (Oregon), Place and Pedagogy
2016 Fall: Cincinnati, Ed Spaces
2016 Spring: Berlin (Germany), Visioning and Re-visioning
2015 Fall: New Orleans, Ed Spaces: Rejuvenation and Reinvention: Resilience
2015 Spring: Detroit, Rejuvenation and Reinvention
2014 Fall: Tampa, Ed Spaces: The Value of Design
2014 Spring: Barcelona (Spain), The Value of Design in Education: Enhancing Learning Through Design
2013 Fall: San Francisco, Design Thinking and Creativity
2013 Summer: Boston, Design Thinking Shaping Educational Environments
2012 Fall: Seattle, Adapting to a Culture of Change
2012 Spring: Orlando, 1105 Media: School and College Building Expo
2011 Fall: London (United Kingdom), Investing in Education
2011 Spring: Chicago, JD Events: School and College Building Expo
2010 Fall: Salt Lake City, Nothing but Tours
2010 Spring: Chicago, JD Events: School and College Building Expo
2010 Winter: Austin, Rethink, Reshape, Results: A Future’s Conference on Learning (with CEFPI)
2009 Fall: New York City, Designing Learning Environments to Rebuild Urban America
2009 Spring: Pittsburg, JD Events: School Building Expo
2008 Fall: Helsinki (Finland), Schools in a Flat World: Global Perspectives on Pedagogy and the Built Environment
2008 Spring: Chicago, School Building Expo
2007 Fall: Seattle, Redefining Sustainability: New Directions for Designing Our Future
2007 Spring: Palm Beach, School Building Expo
2006 Fall: Austin, Building Conversations
2006 Spring: Cincinnati, Building a Language for Communication
2005 Fall: Hartford, Implement the Dream: Collaboration Required
2005 Spring: Washington, DC, Dare to Dream: Setting a National Agenda to Educate, Advocate, and Inspire
2004 Fall: Charlottesville, The 21st Century Academical Village: Living and Learning Together
2004 Spring: Portland (Oregon), Tipping Point: Transforming the American Learning Environment
2003 Fall: Minneapolis, Urban and Innovative Schools: The Cultural and Social Role of Educational Architecture
2003 Spring: Los Angeles, Educational Experiments in Community
2002 Fall: Seattle, Lifelong Learning: Lessons from Business & Culture
2002 Spring: Boston, The Classroom: De-Evolution, Real or Imagined
2001 Fall: New York City, Learning Environments that Sustain: A Sustainable Future
2001 Spring: San Diego, Sustainable Schools, Sustainable Communities: A View from the West
2000 Fall: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Innovative Alternatives in Learning Environments
2000 Spring: Salt Lake City, Alternatives in Education
1999 Fall: St. Louis, Renovating Early and Middle 20th Century Schools (with Construction Management PIA)
1999 Spring: San Francisco, Better Schools for a New Century (NSBA and Building Codes and Standards PIA)
1998 Fall: Chicago, Urban Schools: Lessons Learned for All Schools
1998 Summer: Vancouver (Canada), Secondary, Post Secondary, and Community Facilities (with SCUP)
1998 Spring: Charleston, Laying the Groundwork: District-Wide Planning
1997 Fall: San Juan (Puerto Rico), Beyond the Boards: Future Services for Architects
1997 Summer: Boston, Specialties in Educational Facilities
1997 Spring: Phoenix, Does Design Make A Difference?
1996 Fall: Kansas City, Road Map to Recovery: Modernizing Our Schools
1996 Spring: Orlando, Sports, Recreation and Community
1995 Spring: New Orleans, Can Architects Respond to New Educational Priorities (with AASA)
1994 Summer: San Francisco, Taking Charge of Change (with SCUP)
1994 Spring: New Orleans, Schools and Communities (with NSBA)
1993 Fall: Toronto (Canada), Shaping Our Educational Environment (with CEFPI)
1993 Spring: Phoenix, Public School/Private Industry Collaboration
1993 Winter: Orlando, Early Education and Pre-School Design: An Holistic Approach (with AASA)
1992 Fall: Charlottesville, American Education: Visions of the Future
1989 Fall: Tucson