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Integrated Practice Publications

  Integrated Project Delivery: An Updated Working Definition
AIA California Council
July 2014
This document, Integrated Project Delivery: An Updated Working Definition, contains the recommendations of the AIA California Council’s Definitions Committee of the Integrated Project Delivery Task Force. To date, we are aware of over 200 projects that use multi-party contracts to incentivize and reward their teams in project execution, with likely 100s or even 1,000s that use the principles of Integrated Project Delivery to improve project outcomes.

  Integrated Project Delivery: 2012 Case Studies
AIA / AIA-Minnesota / University of Minnesota
March 2012
The updated 2012 IPD Case Studies include survey analysis of 127 project team members and additional metrics for five of 12 comprehensive case studies, detailing collaborative impacts on design quality, cost efficiency and team communication.   
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  Integrated Project Delivery: 2010 Case Studies
AIA / AIA California Council
January 2010
This publication provides an examination of real-world, completed building projects that used Integrated Project Delivery in as pure a form as possible. Static PDF

  Integrated Project Delivery: A Guide
AIA Documents Committee & AIA California Council
November 2007
Downloaded more than 35,000 times, the guide begins with introductory material about the principles of IPD and points of consideration in a generic sense, moves through a study of implementation of IPD and culminates with discussion of application of general IPD principles within the specific framework of other common delivery methods.

  AIA Position Statement on Interoperability
The American Institute of Architects
December 2009
The AIA believes that all industry-supporting software must facilitate, not inhibit, project planning, design, construction, commissioning and lifecycle management.  Learn more about the AIA's position and what it means for practice.

  AIA Position Statement on Project Delivery
The American Institute of Architects
Learn more about the AIA's belief that project delivery processses can best be achieved through industry-wide adoption of approaches to project delivery characterized by early and regular involvement of owners, architects, constructors, fabricators and end user/operators in an environment of effective collaboration, mutually defined goals and information sharing. 

  2006 Report on Integrated Practice
The American Institute of Architects
June 2006

The original report released during the 2006 AIA National Convention in Los Angeles, contains ten essays by leaders in many disciplines on the state of Integrated Practice.

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AIA Integrated Project Delivery Awareness Survey
AIA Center for Integrated Practice
March 2012
In November 2011, the AIA issued a survey to nearly 10,000 members to explore member understanding of Integrated Project Delivery.  Results suggest that 84% of AIA members are aware of IPD in the marketplace, and 13% have engaged in IPD as a contractual model. Download the full report for additional statistics.

AIA-AGC Primer on Project Delivery - 2nd Edition
AIA-AGC Joint Committee
Intended to improve understanding for the mutual benefit of owners and the design and construction community, the AIA-AGC Joint Committee primer is primarily addressed to owners who are unfamiliar with the various ways of procuring design and construction services.

Prefabrication and Modularization: Increasing Productivity in the Construction Industry
McGraw-Hill Construction
May 2011
This SmartMarket Report provides insight into the role that prefabrication/modularization can have on improving productivity in construction—including impacts on project schedule, costs, safety, quality and waste reduction.

Green BIM
McGraw-Hill Construction
September 2010
Produced in collaboration with prominent industry organizations, this SmartMarket Report contains market research data on how BIM is being used for green projects and what the key drivers and obstacles are to further adoption.

BIM Implementation: An Owner's Guide to Getting Started
The Construction Users Roundtable (CURT)
April 2010
This publication serves as a practical guide to help owners develop a BIM implementation process that best suits each owner's situation and needs.

On Compensation: Considerations for Teams in a Changing Industry
The American Institute of Architects
This report is based on two fundamental principles: that to be effective, any form of compensation must, first, be fair to all, and second, must motivate appropriate behaviors. It is an excellent resource for Owners, or any team member, interested in exploring compensation models for projects involving new methodologies.

IPD for Public and Private Owners
July 2009
A joint effort of NASFA, COAA, APPA, AGC and AIA, this document offers a tiered approach to achieving collaboration and explores IPD as both a philosophy (without a multi-party contract) and a contractually-based project delivery method.

Experiences in Collaboration: On the Path to IPD
AIA & AIA California Council
May 2009
Without endorsing the processes followed, this document represents the lessons and experiences of industry leaders and will provide project teams with useful insight into some of the opportunities and challenges facing the AECO industry as it adopts IPD.

IPD: First Principles for Owners and Teams
3xPT Strategy Group
July 2008
Acknowledging these forces and trends, the 3xPT Strategy Group conducted a workshop on IPD in July, 2007. The workshop defined guidelines for integrated project delivery approaches and improved industry outcomes, looking through the lens of four project delivery models (design-bid-build, design-build, construction management at risk, and project alliance).

Interoperability in the Construction Industry
McGraw-Hill Construction
October 2007
This SmartMarket Report provides insight into the interoperability of software applications and platforms serving the building community, which is of key importance to the $1 trillion U.S. construction market, as interoperability costs add 3.1% to a typical project budget.

General Buildings Information Handover Guide: Principals, Methodology and Case Studies
Kristine K. Fallon & Mark E. Palmer
August 2007
The purpose of the guide is to provide recommendations to the capital facilities industry on techniques and standards to improve the quality and reduce the cost of information handovers throughout the capital facility life cycle.

Integrated Practice Articles

Survey shows growing awareness of IPD, but barriers to wide adoption remain

On Collaboration: can architects make the shift?
      • by Markku Allison, AIA

Can we learn from the Phoenicians?

  • by Charles G. Hardy, CCM

International Developments & Integrated Practice

  • by Kimberly Yoho

Is architecture-engineering a team sport 

  • by Charles G. Hardy, CCM

Revisiting "Suggestions for an integrative education"

  • by Robert Smith, AIA
Change or Perish: an interview with Thom Mayne
  • by Robert Smith, AIA

Hope amid a slow construction comeback 

  • by DesignIntelligence
Integrated Project Delivery - faster, cheaper, better and more sustainable
  • by Martin Sell, AIA
AIA advocates for open standards in Interoperability for design software
    • by The American Institute of Architects

Integrated Project Delivery - Expanded Sustainability

  • by James M. Suehiro, AIA

Integrated Practice and the New Architect: Keeper of Knowledge and Rules 

  • by Jonathan Cohen, FAIA

For BIM's Sake

  • by Martin Fischer

Using Interoperable BIM in Schematic Design

  • from the TAP Knowledge Community 

TAP: Integrated Practice

  • from the TAP Knowledge Community
  • Emerging Risks in Practice

    reprinted from Guidelines for Improving Practice, Vol. XXXV No. 3, May/June 2005, with permission of Victor O. Schinnerer & Company Inc.

Preparing for Building Information Modeling

  • reprinted from Guidelines for Improving Practice, Vol. XXXV No. 2, with permission of Victor O. Schinnerer & Company Inc.

The AIA's New (and Improved) Design-Build Contracts

  • reprinted from the Spring 2005 edition of The Construction Lawyer, with permission of the American Bar Association

Electronic Document Management for the Small Office

  • from the AIA Knowledge Communities 

Avoiding Mistakes, Saving Money: The Case for Virtual Design and Construction

  • by Michael Lingerfelt, AIA


Additional articles can be found in the Latest Resources section, or the IPD newsfeed.

Integrated Practice Presentations

Integrated Practice & Education | AIA Convention 2012
These notes were prepared for presentation at the AIA Convention delivered on May 18, 2012 in a session titled “Integrated Project Delivery and The Future of Architects”. Co-presenters included Markku Allison, AIA, William Carpenter, FAIA and AIA Board Member, and Betsy Del Monte, AIA of the Beck Group.

Integrated Practice: Putting It All Together
Download eight featured presentations from the 2007 Integrated Practice Pre-Convention Conference held in San Antonio on May 2, 2007. Topics include BIM for Engineering, Enhancing Pre-Design Services and case studies.

About CIP

The The AIA Center for Integrated Practice (CIP) is the AIA's online clearinghouse that contains useful reports, relevant industry events, contractual information, podcasts and discussion forums necessary to lead the industry towad collaborative design practices. The purpose of the CIP is to help remove barriers to collaboration, serve as a collector and conductor of project delivery outcomes and research, and develop resources and tools for AIA members, the profession, and the public.

The CIP is led by a distinguished group of AIA and industry leaders representing Owners, Contractors, emerging professionals, educators and three AIA Knowledge Communities: Practice Management, Project Delivery and Technology in Architectural Practice. Learn more about the history of the CIP here.

By utilizing AIA KnowledgeNet, CIP offers all visitors access to tools and resources. Members of the CIP can participate in discussions, post blogs and interact with other KnowledgeNet members and communities. Join today!

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Integrated Practice Contract Documents

Integrated Project Delivery Agreements
Learn more about available contract documents supporting Integrated Project Delivery for all AECO parties. 

See Also:

Integrated Practice Podcasts

Owners + Contractors
Boyd Black, Jim Frey & Markku Allison, AIA
December 2011
In this conversation Boyd Black, Jim Frey and Markku Allison discuss the value Owners and Contractors add in the increasingly collaborative AECO industry.

On Interoperability
Kevin Connolly, AIA & Markku Allison, AIA
November 2011
Kevin Connolly, AIA, discusses the complexities associated with Interoperability and how architects can better engage in this important topic.

On Practice Management
Raymond Kogan, AIA & Markku Allison, AIA
October 2011
Raymond Kogan, AIA, discusses the value of creating best practices to support the elements of IPD that are broadly transforming practice, including collaboration and best-for-project thinking.

On Project Delivery
Besty del Monte, FAIA & Markku Allison, AIA
September 2011
Betsy del Monte, FAIA, outlines how integrated project delivery distinguishes itself from other delivery methods, what IPD means for sustainability, and how early conversations with sub-contractors can add substantial value to a project.

On Education
Ryan Smith & Markku Allison, AIA
August 2011
Key issues in the emergence of integrated practice in education include collaboration, globalization, sustainability and research in a rapidly changing professional and educational landscape.

On Technology
Calvin Kam, PhD, AIA, PE, LEED AP; Tony Rinella, Assoc. AIA; & Markku Allison, AIA
June 2011
Calvin Kam and Tony Rinella engage in a dialogue that highlights many valuable resources related to BIM, web-based technology and interoperability.

On Collaboration
Tom Cox, AIA & Markku Allison, AIA
May 2011
Tom Cox and Markku Allison discuss the importance of the Center for Integrated Practice and the valuable resources it provides to the AECO industry.

Information for the Facility Life Cycle
Kristine Fallon, FAIA; Stephen Hagan, FAIA & Markku Allison, AIA
August 2010
Markku Allison, AIA, revisits "Information for the Facility Life Cycle," with authors Kristine Fallon and Stephen Hagan.

International Developments
Ian Howell & Markku Allison, AIA
June 2010
Ian Howell, CEO of Newforma, Inc., sat down with Markku Allison, AIA, to discuss his 2006 essay, "International Developments," and how the topic goes hand in hand with integrated practice issues today.

Technology, Process, Improvement and Culture Change
Jim Bedrick, AIA; Tony Rinella, Assoc. AIA & Markku Allison, AIA
June 2010
Markku Allison, AIA, conducted an interview with Jim Bedrick and Tony Rinella to explore how the future is shaping up compared to the vision predicted four years ago in their essay, "Technology, Process, Improvement and Culture Change."

Applications in Engineering
Joe Burns, FAIA & Markku Allison, AIA
April 2010
Following up on his 2006 essay titled "Applications in Engineering," Joe Burns notes that we must progress beyond the fundamentals we have been learning and practicing in BIM and move to addressing cultural issues.

The Twenty-First Century Practitioner
Kimon Onuma, FAIA & Markku Allison, AIA
March 2010
With new factors continuing to be added to the decision making process the design world is getting exponentially more complex.  Onuma now poses the question, "how do we grasp and hold all this complexity in a way that we can make those decisions?"

Suggestions for an Integrative Education
Renee Cheng, AIA & Markku Allison, AIA
March 2010
Cheng expresses that her 2006 essay, "Suggestions for an Integrative Education," remains quite valid, suggesting that as the tools have become more sophisticated, and the students become more facile, critical thinking and objective judgment become more vital.

Changing Business Models in BIM-driven Integrated Practice
Jim Jonassen, FAIA & Markku Allison, AIA
January 2010
Find out why Jonassen believes the most significant improvement with respect to the tools and techniques participants must embrace in order to implement IPD effectively has been with building information modeling (BIM).

Roadmap to Integration
Laura Lesniewski, AIA; Eddy Krygiel, AIA; Bob Berkebile, FAIA & Markku Allison, AIA
December 2009
This podcast examines what the authors of the essay "Roadmap to Integration" characterize as the ultimate design challenge: integration between nature and human nature, between the built and natural environments and also technology.

University & Industry Research in Support of BIM
Chuck Eastman, Assoc. AIA & Markku Allison, AIA
November 2009
Interviewer Markku Allison, AIA, asks author Chuck Eastman, Assoc. AIA, to revisit his essay, "University & Industry Research in Support of BIM," and examine the progress that has been made since 2006.

Change or Perish
Thom Mayne, FAIA & Robert Smith, AIA
October 2009
Interviewer Robert Smith asks Thom Mayne, FAIA, to revisit the "Change or Perish" idea, first published in the 2006 Report on Integrated Practice.  Discover why Mayne still feels the same way about the challenges facing the architectural profession today.

Visit AIA PodNet or subscribe to the series on iTunes.

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