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The Architect as Developer

In traditional practice, architects generally work for a client, contractors do construction and someone else sells the finished building or development. But what if you, as the architect, took full control of the process and became the developer?

BIM and IPD Makes Emerging Professionals Of Us All

Any architect who’s had to learn building information modeling (BIM) or worked on teams that use it, recognizes that much has changed from the way we practiced just a few short years ago. Likewise, architects on teams using the integrated project delivery method (IPD) or any of its similar hybrid approaches, realize that old ways of practice are no longer effective. We may feel like we have a great deal to learn, and for some of us, as though we are being asked to start over. Here to take a little bit of that pain away is Randy Deutsch, AIA, LEED AP.

Sustainable Chicago 2015

Sustainable Chicago focuses on the Mayor's vision of turning the city into a green innovation hub, spurring economic growth, and improving health and quality of life while advancing environmental sustainability.

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    BALA Awards

    Custom Residential Architects Network

    Best in American Living Awards: Home Design’s Top Honor There's only a few weeks left until the Best in American Living Awards' entry deadline! A lot has changed over the 30... more

  • Mike Mense, FAIA

    Can architecture thrive in a democracy? cod3m NYC 614

    Committee on Design


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    Numbers with New Meaning

    International Committee

    Writing in from the International Union of Architects Congress in Durban, South Africa: The first part of this week’s events is educational with keynotes, academic sessions, workshops, and lots of... more

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  • Mr. J. Michael Leinback, AIA

    RE: Time tracking and reporting

    Posted in: Practice Management Member Conversations

    Betsy: I used BillQuick in my small architectural firm for several years. IF all of your contracts call for hourly billing, then BQ is a marginal product. If, however, your contracts call for...

  • Edward Shannon, AIA

    RE: Houzz doesn't care if you are licensed

    Posted in: Custom Residential Architects Network

    Eric - What makes you think people "can't afford" architecture services when building a house? Unfortunately, most people have never hired an architect and they have very unrealistic expectations....

  • photo not available

    RE: Houzz doesn't care if you are licensed

    Posted in: Custom Residential Architects Network

    Ann and Eric, I would like to know how we got off the subject of residential designers portraying themselves as licensed architects in a public forum like Houzz? You both are discussing our creativity...

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