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    Codes on Basement Vapor Drive

    Technical Design for Building Performance

    Habits are very hard to break and this is why we have regulations and codes. A large part of our nation is experiencing many times the normal summer rain and attendant water problems this. Yet we... more

  • Paul Karrer

    Feedback Requested: AIA's Top 10 List of ICC Code Changes

    Codes and Standards

    The AIA needs input from members like you on upcoming changes proposed to some of the most important codebooks architects use frequently. Read more on at more

  • Bardhyl Rama Intl. Assoc. AIA

    AIA Presentation at PAW

    International Committee

    The AIA presentation at Pristina Architecture Week has shown again that the international community of architects has a special interest in the AIA and AIA Europe activities. The presentation... more

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    Jared E. Banks AIA

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    Robert Bruce Lasurs AIA

    R. Bruce LaSurs
    Webster Groves, MO
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  • Jared E. Banks AIA

    ARCHICAD user group the night before the CRAN Symposium

    Posted in: Custom Residential Architects Network

    If you are coming to Minneapolis for the CRAN Symposium ( and also use ARCHICAD, think about arriving early and joining us for an ARCHICAD user group...

  • Susan Meridith Hensey FAIA

    RE: CAFM System

    Posted in: Committee of Corporate Architects and Facility Management

    Melissa, Would be more than happy to assist! We work with different CAFM systems in Higher Education. I can share similar experience and any trends we are seeing. Don't hesitate to reach out! (I...

  • photo not available

    Baltimore's Black Voices Heard around the World

    Posted in: Regional and Urban Design Committee

    Baltimore's Black Voices Heard around the World Baltimoreans have always hated it when people say to them: "Ah, From Baltimore? I love the Wire! Is it really like that?" Eventually, the series...