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Bryan Verstegen

Bryan Verstegen

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Young Architect Karen E. Williams,AIA

The AIA Young Architect Award recognizes emerging professionals who have been licensed architects for fewer than 10 years and have shown great leadership in design, in education, and in civic and professional involvement. We have one such young leader here today - Karen E. Williams, AIA.

The Global Profession

Albert Dubler, Hon. AIA, 2011-2014 President of the International Union of Architects, speaks from Durban, South Africa with Andrew Caruso, AIA, about global architectural practice and the growing relevance of the UIA as the profession faces more challenges than ever before.

Architecture in the African Context

South African architect and UIA2014 Commissary General, Karen Eicker, discusses architecture as a process from an African perspective and how the 2014 UIA Congress sub-themes of Resilience, Ecology and Values are just the start of a larger conversation about architecture in sub-Saharan Africa, and the world.

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  • Paul Karrer

    Comment on ICC Code Change Proposals for Code Hearings in Memphis

    Codes and Standards

    All, The International Code Council (ICC) Committee Action Hearings are coming up April 19-28 in Memphis. Members and national staff will represent the AIA at the 2018 Group A code cycle updating... more

  • Charles Klecha Assoc. AIA

    Studio Culture: The Role of Learning Environments on Education and the Profession

    It may seem obvious, but it's worth stating plainly that the spaces we work in have a profound effect on the work we do. There has been an ongoing discussion in the profession--and one which is coming... more

  • photo not available

    Good Design is the Solution

    Technical Design for Building Performance

    Recent decades in our profession have been defined by the dichotomy of eye grabbing design and sustainability chess games. The results can be stylistically unforgettable or achieve high marks in... more

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  • Charles A. Graham Jr. AIA

    RE: Transparent design in schools

    Posted in: Committee on Architecture for Education

    I read of a study a few years ago that stretched across five states, regarding daylight and learning. If I recall correctly, all five states were west of the Mississippi. The study concluded that exposure...

  • Sean Catherall AIA

    RE: Huffington Post coverage of Housing Awards

    Posted in: Housing Knowledge Community

    I strongly suggest and sincerely hope that all AIA leaders, members, jurors and jury selectors read the comments on this Huffington Post online article. An overwhelming majority of them are negative...

  • photo not available

    Wood flooring, Teak, maintainence of

    Posted in: Technology in Architectural Practice

    My research says clean if necessary with white vinegar dilution, and apply Teak oil. Have received other finish suggestions. Desire sustainable and enviro friendly practice. Floor is 2 years old,...

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