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The Academy of Architecture for Justice (AAJ) promotes and fosters the exchange of information and knowledge between members, professional organizations, and the public for high-quality planning, design, and delivery of justice architecture.

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04-15-2019 06:53 AM


The Academy of Architecture for Justice (AAJ) is a Knowledge Community of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). It is the AAJ’s primary goal to be the recognized organization that promotes excellence in design of justice facilities that:

  • Operate efficiently, safely, and securely
  • Contribute to more livable and sustainable communities
  • Elevate the stature of these institutions within society
  • Create a positive environment for those who visit, work, and live there
  • Achieve prudent stewardship of public funds

The AAJ is governed by a five member Leadership Group. Each member is appointed by the American Institute of Architects to serve a five-year term in a rotation with the other members. During the course of the five-year term, each member will serve as Vice-Chair and Chair and act as a liaison to AAJ subcommittees. It is desirable that one member be an emerging professional, and one member be employed by a public entity.


Criteria for Leadership Group membership:

  1. Member in good standing of the American Institute of Architects
  2. Professional or academic standing in the criminal justice industry that would normally include significant project work related to courts, detention/corrections, or law enforcement facilities.
  3. Willingness and commitment to support the goals and strategic direction of the AAJ in collaboration with the other Leadership Group members, AAJ members, AIA Leadership, and AIA staff.
  4. The Leadership Group includes a variety of specialties, geography, firm size, gender, age, career stage, and race. *Positions are reserved for an emerging professional, and one member employed by a public entity.
  5. Ability and willingness to commit time toward the following activities:
  6. Annual attendance at 2-day summer AIA Knowledge Leadership Assembly (KLA) held each summer at various locations (including July prior to the term start date).
  7. Annual attendance at AAJ Conference held each fall at various locations.
  8. Participation in monthly LG conference calls.
  9. Participation in sub-committee work and sub-committee conference calls.
  10. Other activities as necessary to support the strategic direction of the AAJ.
  11. Ability and willingness to commit the financial resources to attend the above mentioned conferences with partial reimbursement from AIA.
    1. See note below about EP/public member financial support.


The following rotation was adopted in 2014, and is suggested for subsequent years of service:

  1. First year: Member shall participate as liaison to one or more committees (sustainability, research, knowledge communications, justice partners, emerging professionals/university outreach, and local components (if applicable).
  2. Second year: Member shall serve as Vice-chair, assisting the Chair with planning for the upcoming year. Member shall also be liaison to one or more committees.
  3. Third year: Member shall serve as Chair and liaison to the AAJ Conference. As such, member shall choose the topic for the conference, select the conference planning chair and co-chair, assist in the selection of the track chairs, guide the communication among the planning team members, and participate in all planning activities for the conference. Member shall have no other committee responsibilities during this year.
  4. Fourth year: Member shall participate as liaison to one or more committees, and shall assist the Chair or AIA Staff with any special projects planned by the Leadership Group.
  5. Fifth year: Member shall serve as liaison to the Justice Facilities Review, and shall serve as liaison to one other committee.

Special Circumstances

  1. Public/owner leaders. The AAJ realizes that owner-side/ public members may not have access to financial support from their employer. The AAJ commits to responding to requests for reimbursement in a timely manner.
  2. Emerging Professionals. The AAJ is committed to ensuring at least one emerging professional participates in Leadership Group discussions and strategic planning.

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