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The AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community (PD) promotes the architect’s leadership role in all project delivery methods by assembling and distributing knowledge and best practices for a variety of project delivery methods, e.g. design-build (DB), integrated project deliveries (IPD), and public-private partnerships (P3).

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Does it Really Matter? What Does the Project Delivery System Bring to the Success or Failure of the Project? 

11-08-2016 01:38 PM

This whitepaper was authored by Jeffrey Appelbaum and presented at the 2012 American Bar Association's Forum on the Construction Industry. In just over 20 pages, this article provides a very useful summary of the key factors that characterize the most common project delivery methods. Appelbaum's concluding note, that "...a deliberate project delivery evaluation and selection process be conducted at the outset of every project..." is helpful advice to architects as they guide their clients through the design and construction process.

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