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Creekside Cabin - Santa Rosa, Ca. 

05-10-2013 09:56 AM

Beautifully situated among shady firs and redwoods, the layout of this 1920’s shingle-style cabin nonetheless precluded views to the nearby boulder-strewn creek. Stringent regulations limited new construction to only “previously disturbed” riparian areas around the existing cabin and no more than thirty-three percent additional conditioned space was allowed. The new living room and hallway addition roughly follow the outline of an underutilized exterior deck. Structural steel beams and posts, set at deck support locations, carry a cantilevered floor, achieving maximum allowable new square footage with no increased site disturbance. The dismantled redwood deck members were reused onsite as were two period windows removed to allow the connection between old and new.

The original cabin exterior is preserved and featured as a backdrop to the new spaces. The living room is set under an extension of the existing roofline while the hallway is defined by a shallower roof pitch that gestures toward the creek. Smooth white walls contrast textured dark shingles, fireplace contrasts watercourse and reclaimed beams visually echo the surrounding woods. Large pane window walls maximize views to the ever changing natural setting beyond.

Project Details

Built: 2009 Location: Unincorporated County of Sonoma – between Santa Rosa and Calistoga. Added square footage – 300 square feet

Wood and steel floor framing supported by a steel beam (to achieve the cantilever) that is supported by steel posts placed at the locations where deck posts existed. This structural solution let us meet the requirement that no new disturbance to the soil was created.

Typical wood frame wall and roof construction.

Amy A. Alper, Architect Marshall White Construction – Contractor Level Engineering – Structural Engineer

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