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The AIA Interfaith Design (ID) Knowledge Community encourages and supports excellence in the design of worship spaces and their accoutrements. Interfaith Design is an association of professionals whose primary interest is religious facilities in a broad array of traditions. We value an interfaith forum for the exchange of ideas relating to religion, art, and architecture. Join us!

ARCHAEOACOUSTICS: The Archaeology of Sound 

11-06-2014 10:55 AM

Monumental architecture began with sacred places to commune with God/s and the unseen. The earliest preplanned structures were built to last forever, as places for community gathering, ceremony and ritual. It now seems certain that sound was an integral part of that scenario. This generously illustrated collection of presentations and reports from a recent multidisciplinary conference in the Mediterranean presents a fascinating multidimensional perspective on ancient cultures, including some that have not been widely known. Ancient civilizations developed far more than fine artwork and magnificent monuments. In songs to their gods, laments for their dead, and the universal human quest for the supernatural, people also made some very strange noise. Scholars from around the world explore man's early use of sound and music, revealing both ancient knowledge and the potential for new learning. "Archaeoacoustics is at this 'pre-paradigmatic stage'," writes anthropologist Dr. Ezra Zubrow, "This book will help that synthesizing, theorizing pioneer of the future." A full list of chapter titles is available at -- NOTE: This volume also contains preliminary reports from the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum (ca. 3600 BCE) acoustics project conducted on-site.

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