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The Academy of Architecture for Justice (AAJ) promotes and fosters the exchange of information and knowledge between members, professional organizations, and the public for high-quality planning, design, and delivery of justice architecture.

Alternatives to Isolating Prisoners with Severe Mental Illness 

01-28-2015 04:41 PM

Author’s Title: Beyond Supermax Administrative Segregation: Mississippi’s Experience Rethinking Prison Classification and Creating Alternative Mental Health Programs Author: Terry A. Kupers, Theresa Dronet, Margaret Winter, James Austin, Lawrence Kelly, William Cartier, Timothy J. Morris, Stephen F. Hanlon, Emmitt L. Sparkman, Parveen Kumar, Leonard C. Vincent, Jim Norris, Kim Nagel, and Jennifer McBride Year of Publication: 2009 Purpose: A study was conducted at the Mississippi State Penitentiary to determine the effect of the use of a court-ordered, step-down treatment unit for prisoners with serious mental illness (SMI) and implementation of a new prisoner classifi cation system. The intent of the two changes was to reduce the number of prisoners placed in administrative segregation (isolation) versus the general population.

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