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The Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH) provides knowledge which supports the design of healthy environments by creating education and networking opportunities for members of – and those touched by – the health care architectural profession.

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AAH1601: Patient Safety Fundamentals for Healthcare Architects 

06-22-2016 01:15 PM

This webinar is sponsored by the Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH) on August 9, 2016 from 2:00-3:00pm ET. Earn 1.0 AIA LU/HSW. This session is part of a new HC 101 Series by the Academy of Architecture for Health. The web-based 60 minute seminars are tailored to provide budding healthcare design professionals with conceptual and practical primer-level knowledge. Regarding hospital patient safety, there are two areas of primary concern: 1) Life safety - assuring that occupants are protected from smoke as well as fire; 2) Environmental Safety – assuring that occupants are not exposed to materials or organisms posing a threat to life or health. This session addresses Life Safety. We will discuss the relationship between the Life Safety Code, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, and CMS, briefly touching on the history of hospital construction regulation through the recent adoption of NFPA 101 by CMS. The defend-in-place approach used in hospitals will be clarified through a demonstration of problems encountered in patient evacuation. Lastly, we will examine differentiating elements of fire and smoke barrier assemblies and review how to use rated assembly catalogs and engineering judgments in hospital facility design. The PowerPoint and a PDF version of the presentation, and a copy of the Q&A are available below for viewing.

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08-09-2016 04:28 PM

Question about Horizontal exits:  the presenter did not understand the question.  Refer to NFPA 101, 2012, A7. for a good description of a horizontal exit.

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