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What is Credit Score and How To Maintain It?

Banking is something that’s now an inevitable part of life. It is more like a chore to a business. Hence, it becomes important for the customers to maintain a good share of their credibility for the bank to score them good while helping them with loans. Taking one of its aspects, let’s talk...

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Adopting the FGI Guidelines for Hospitals

The Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) updates the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities every four years, creating a document used by states and federal agencies to regulate health care facility design and construction. However, some states have not yet adopted the...

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Cities as a Lab brochure

The American Institute of Architects’ Cities as a Lab initiative aims to tap the power of design to foster innovation and meet American cities’ changing needs. In 2013 its insights, case studies, and partnerships will offer policy and design solutions for buildings and neighborhoods that help to...

Cities as a Lab Initiative.pdf

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HOW TO: Find & Attract Quality Facebook Fans

Or; How to Get More Facebook Fans and Potential Leads Without Being Unethical I know that title's a doozy, but it certainly explains it all. Where do you find real, engaged, potential client fans? I will answer your (my) question with another question: Who is your ideal client and where would...

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HOW TO: Write Engaging Facebook Updates

Did you know the FIRST time a new fan sees your Facebook fan page may be the ONLY time they actually visit your page? Shocking, right? Not really. How much of the information you personally get from Facebook comes straight from the home page? Statistics show the way to engage fans after...

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