HOW TO: Write Engaging Facebook Updates

By Ann Novakowski posted 04-25-2012 08:53 AM


Did you know the FIRST time a new fan sees your Facebook fan page may be the ONLY time they actually visit your page? 

Shocking, right? Not really. How much of the information you personally get from Facebook comes straight from the home page? Statistics show the way to engage fans after the initial “like” is to get their attention on the main news feed.

How do you do that? Try asking your fans’ opinions on something important to you. Post pictures of goings-on at the office. Request feedback. Show off new projects. Share an interesting article. Let your passion for your work dictate your online presence. Here's a great video from the TED Conference by Simon Senek about how to sell yourself: “People don’t buy WHAT you do; people buy WHY you do it.” There are some great tidbits in there that can give you ideas on how to word your firm's updates and blog posts.

If you’re stuck imagine you’re sitting with a client right now, face-to-face. What do you talk about? You ask how the week has been. You share about yours and maybe mention a new idea you have for a project. You’ll point out the new coffee machine or introduce them to the fresh crop of interns who'll be working on their project. These simple things have the makings of status updates for your firm's fan page.

I am not suggesting that your firm should put up pictures of every office supplies order, but you should help your fans feel more invested in your success. You don’t need to sell hard to Facebook fans as you would in a marketing piece such as a PPC advertisement or TV commercial. They've “liked” your Facebook page. Your fans are already on your side, rooting for you. You just have to keep it that way.

One AIA architect did a great job of this recently. The entire firm was making the transition from PC to Mac and posted a picture of the new computers in their boxes. The picture had NOTHING to do with selling a design consult or scoring a project bid – but it worked! Almost immediately clients and staff alike had given their two-cents in a comment, liked the post, or shared it on their personal wall.

Here are some ideas for status updates at your firm:
  • Broadcast your Blog
    By using tools such as you can autopost your web site's blog updates from an RSS feed into Facebook as status updates.

  • Share News
    Re-post a poignant Op Ed from the AIA Media Scan for your fans to enjoy. Bonus tip: include your own commentary and ask for fan feedback.

  • Brag
    "Flip to page 42 in your Robb Report for a beautiful feature on Archie Tekt, FAIA. Don't have one? Swing by the office for a extra copy and celebrate with us! We're so proud!"
  • Did you know....
    "Did you know @Design-Build-Live, LLC has adopted the 2030 commitment? Click here to find out more about how our firm is refining our practices to better the environment."

  • Famous Anniversaries
    "Happy Birthday to the Washington Monument! On this day # years ago, the cornerstone was laid for Robert Mills 'monumental' design."

  • Architectural Quotes
    "Architecture is inhabited sculpture - Constantin Brancusi"

  • Promote Vendors & Partners
    "Special thanks to @ClassyConstruction, our partner on the award-winning project Awesome House. View our photo album for the project by clicking here."

  • Project Updates
    "Beautiful day for site observation! A new home in New Orleans, LA takes shape." Bonus tip: include pictures from your tablet or smartphone of construction progress (with the homeowner's permission).

Share your thoughts: What kinds of posts get the most comments and likes for your page?

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