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A note from the Chair

This past year has been a busy year. Hopefully with all the construction and good economy, many in our profession have been busy. Public Architects are no exception. Like architects in private practice, the public sector has also had its challenges. Public Architects values diversity and...

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Public Architects’ recommended books

By Paula Loomis, FAIA Why Architecture Matters, Lessons from Chicago by Blair Kamin . My book selection for this edition of the APC newsletter is “Why Architecture Matters” by Pulitzer Prize winner Blair Kamin. Kamin’s book makes the case for why good...

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The Public Architect as City Builder Workshop

Flickr/ Eric Haglund By Lee Solomon, AIA April 26, 2017 | AIA Convention, Orlando Florida Every year the AIA Public Architects Advisory Group sponsors a full day Workshop on the day prior to the start of the Annual AIA National Convention. This year the theme is &ldquo...

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The long and winding road to Fellowship –part 1

Flickr/ Moyan Brenn By Ed Gauvreau, AIA I knew that I was going to be in trouble when at the 2013 National Convention, the incoming Chancellor of the College of Fellows greeted me with “Ed! When are you applying for Fellowship?” Now he happened to be a...

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Public Architects 2015 survey report

Flickr/ Joe The Goat Farmer By Marilyn Wong-Wittmer, AIA Many thanks to our public architect colleagues for your enthusiastic response to the June 2015 Public Architect’s Survey. The survey, issued by the Public Architects Advisory Group (PAAG) of the Public...