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The Public Architects (PA) Committee promotes excellence in public architecture and enhances the role of the public architect as an essential element in the planning, design, construction, and management of public facilities. Join us!


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A note from the Chair

By David F. Trevino FAIA posted 11-23-2016 10:30 AM


This past year has been a busy year. Hopefully with all the construction and good economy, many in our profession have been busy. Public Architects are no exception. Like architects in private practice, the public sector has also had its challenges. Public Architects values diversity and inclusion, and faced the challenges of managing projects, to insure that the public is getting the best public and civic spaces, environments, and architecture for everyone. They are responsible for developing the best possible cities and infrastructure. With this in mind AIA president, Russ Davidson, FAIA, is hosting the first ever "Build America Summit" in New York City on November 28 and 29, 2016. 

Over the last few decades, public agencies have been under increasingly tighter budgets to not only improve, but to maintain the infrastructure of our cities. Our infrastructure has deteriorated to the tune of billions of dollars in each of our major cities. Many have come to believe that this infrastructure is made up primarily of roads, streets, bridges and utilities. Many public initiatives, grants, and bond programs devote a vast majority of their funding to this "horizontal construction". Although these are important, I have heard many state, "good roads need to lead to good places". With that, I say that both “horizontal and vertical” construction is critically important to our cities. 

It is incumbent on all of us, in the public and private sector, to lead the effort not only advocating for more equal funding of all projects, but to make your neighbors, friends, appointed and elected officials aware that in order to make our cities more livable and improve the quality of life - we must take action. If now is not the best time, then it will never be. 

If you cannot attend, the Public Architects Knowledge Community newsletter, the "Cornerstone" will be providing information in an upcoming issue on the outcomes of this conference and how you can be more involved. The time for advocacy is over, it is time to act to improve the infrastructure of our cities! 


David Trevino, FAIA, LEED AP
2016 Chair
Public Architects Advisory Group 

 Learn more about Build America Summit >

David Trevino, FAIA, LEED AP,  has over 25 years experience and currently serves as a Senior Program Manager for the City of Dallas.  He has been responsible for the implementation of two major capital bond programs valued at $440 million that includes over 40 new or replacement facilities for several city departments.  He has collaborated with Texas A&M University, Purdue and Georgia Tech in developing new innovative Integrated Building Cycle approaches to enhance design, construction and facilities operations excellence.  He will be a guest speaker/panelist at the AIA’s Build America Summit in New York City on November 29-30, 2016.  He has served on the Board of Directors for the USGBC – North Texas Chapter, and the BIM Texas Alliance.

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