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2012 Small Project Awards

This Award Program strives to raise public awareness of the value and design excellence that architects bring to projects, no matter the limits of size and scope

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Project Management Series: Project Work Planning - the process of planning and executing a project

All projects, large or small should have a project work plan and certain characteristics will be common across project size and scope

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Focus Search - Q: Hi Steve, it is important to identify that managing staff utilization overall in the firm for all projects in criticle in any size firm

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Maximizing Success in Integrated Projects – An Owner’s Guide

This Guide is the result of a multi-year research project that looked at factors that enhanced team integration, which in turn lead to improved project performance on integrated projects. The research was a follow-up to the seminal 1997-1998 Penn State/Construction Industry Institute, which...

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Focus Search - Participation of a minimum of 3-5 people and a maximum of 12-15 is recommended, but the optimal number will vary with the proposed project’s size and complexity. While the size and/or timing of the project may constrain the amount of interaction, there is still value in the workshop approach, even at the smallest scale

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AIA 2009 Firm Survey Exert: Percentage Of Gross Billings By Projects

A reference for the discussion forum question: "Regarding Edward Shannon's question below - does anyone on this list have statistics how many AIA members are "dedicated" residential architects? It might be interesting to know." from Andrew Fethes on July 31, 2012. ...

AIA2009FirmSurvey__project type_by size.doc

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Project Management Series: Accounting 101 for Project Managers

The purpose of this presentation is to provide a basic understanding of accounting principles used by the architecture and engineering industries. This is accomplished in webinar format utilizing definition or terms and examples of accounting documents and reports. In addition to Project...

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Focus Search - [Elizabeth Price] A: Cash basis may actually be best for you firm given the size and revenue generated

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Project Delivery Systems: How they Impact Efficiency and Profitability in the Building Sector

This McGraw Hill "SmartMarket" Report is drawn from an online survey of 125 architects and 115 contractors, along with a phone survey of 100 owners. The Report illustrates the survey data in numerous clear and insightful graphs showing how our industry views the advantages and disadvantages of...

McGraw Hill project delivery systems smartreport 2014-08-06.pdf

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2018 Project Delivery Symposium: Delivering the Future

On March 6, the AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community held their first Symposium, Delivering the Future, at the AIA National Headquarters in Washington, DC. This one day event provided an interesting overview of how project delivery methods have evolved to their current state and how they...

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Focus Search - The Final Take-Aways Aspiration Intention Execution BD C @Bernstein_Arch2018 Project Delivery Symposium: Delivering the future Ari Pennanen Adjunct Professor, TTY Haahtela Group, Partner Large variety of building costs The Literature on cost: At stage prior design, almost nothing is likely to be known about the building except its general size, and therefore it is pointless to go into detail about cost before any designing has been done

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Design-build best practices and white papers

The Design-Build Institute of Americas has published a series of Design-Build Best Practices for both public and private construction as well as Federal procurement. Understanding the Best Practices and developing implementation strategies based on the best practices leads to improved project...

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Focus Search - A refreshing alternative.DESIGN-BUILD DONE RIGHT | 1 v.2 - February 2014 DESIGN-BUILD DONE RIGHT BEST DESIGN-BUILD PRACTICES Universally Applicable » any project type » any sector » any size 2 | DESIGN-BUILD DONE RIGHT v.2 - February 2014 DESIGN-BUILD DONE RIGHT BEST DESIGN-BUILD PRACTICES A DESIGN-BUILD INSTITUTE OF AMERICA PUBLICATION The practices identified in this document have two basic characteristics: 1 | They are written to be universal in applicability, spanning any type of design-build project: • public or private • vertical or horizontal • large or small 2 | They are important enough to directly affect project performance

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Does it Really Matter? What Does the Project Delivery System Bring to the Success or Failure of the Project?

This whitepaper was authored by Jeffrey Appelbaum and presented at the 2012 American Bar Association's Forum on the Construction Industry. In just over 20 pages, this article provides a very useful summary of the key factors that characterize the most common project delivery methods. Appelbaum...

ABA_Project Delivery Paper 2012-04-26.pdf