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Changing Course Competition Seeks Innovative Design Solutions for the Lower Mississippi River Delta

An RFQ for Changing Course, a paid design competition aimed at creating innovative solutions for the Lower Mississippi River Delta, was issued last week by its Leadership Team of key local and national stakeholders


AIA COVID-19 ArchMap

Help public officials, building owners and businesses transition Americans safely back into offices, stores, restaurants and schools during the COVID-19 pandemic by utilizing the problem-solving skills of architects and other experts who will create innovative design solutions to alter buildings for new spatial requirements

Cities in the Age of Climate Change

Susannah's firm participated in "Rising Currents: Projects for New York's Waterfront" at MoMa which featured soft infrastructure solutions to make New York City more resilient to the effects of rising sea levels and coastal storm surges

 10-16-2013 | 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM ET

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Project Profile: Burnside Residence

The square two-foot thick stone courtyard wall with thin skylights surrounding it, oriented to the cardinal directions, is the element that most reveals the building’s connection to the arc of the sun

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HKC1501: Design Principles for Smaller Dwelling Units

While many individuals still see the American Dream of owning their own home as a major goal, the large house on a large lot with a two- or three-car garage in the suburbs is not a sustainable solution to our environmental wellbeing

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Focus Search - Moving into the ADU may be a solution

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Baltimore Design School

The directness of the solution clearly communicates the curriculum and focus of school and creates an uplifting series of spaces in which to discover and learn

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2019 Housing Ideas Competition: Townsite Transformed, Henderson Nevada

This design challenge is intended to generate ideas to provide housing solutions appropriate to today’s needs within the historic townsite