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Daniel E. Williams is an internationally recognized expert in sustainable architecture and urban and regional design. Mr. Williams is a member of the experts team for the Clinton Climate + Initiative, advising on projects in Toronto and London. He served as 2006 chair of the AIA’s Sustainability Task Group and sat on the national advisory council for EPA-NACEPT.

He participated in the development the 2010 Council of Mayor’s resolution that will reduce carbon emissions by 50%; wrote and chaired the AIA/EPA grant Water + Design; co-wrote the Barcelona Declaration on Sustainability; and has worked with dozens of communities around the country, specifically to assist in the rebuilding of towns and cities after natural disasters and the associated impacts from climate change.

In 2003 he chaired the National Committee on the Environment for the AIA and chaired the Task Force on the Environment and Energy for the Congress for the New Urbanism from 1996 – 2000 and won the first passive design award in Architecture from NASA in 1980.

His work on post-disaster smart growth urban and regional design projects won the 1999 and 2000 National Honor Award for Urban and Regional Design from the American Institute of Architects’ and the Catherine Brown Award for Urban Design in the American Landscape in 1999. His projects range in scale from “unplugged” residences to regional master plans of thousands of square miles - these designs integrate issues in ecology, economic development, transportation, agricultural preservation, education, water resource protection, smart growth and climate change.

Named University of Florida Eminent Scholar and Distinguished Alumni in 2000, his book Sustainable Design: Ecology, Architecture and Planning was named top five books on sustainable design by Planetizen. He teaches Ecological Design & Planning" for a Masters of Sustainable Design at the Singapore Extension at the University of Florida.
Dan holds multiple patents and is presently working on a book titled " small plans": An Ecological Approach to Regional Sustainability.


University of Florida
1998 To 1999

University of Florida
b architecture
1962 To 1968

Job History

Center for Environmental Studies at Florida Atlantic University
Impacts on Built Environments: How Sea Level Rise will Impact Urban & Regional Patterns
April 2012 - present

gulf coast green 2012 conference presentation
presenter regional sustainability, titled "2030 and the living region challenge"
February 2012 - present

URS Corporation
sme -subject matter expert: FEMA USGBC sustainable design and disaster mitigation
November 2011 - present

University of Florida, Singapore Extension
Adj. Professor in Sustainable Design
June 2010 - present

Lawrence Berkeley Labs - LCA Study Group
Sustainability Expert
March 2010 - present

Society of Building Science Educat
Society of Building Science Educators
January 2010 - present
director of design
February 2009 - present

Clinton Climate + Initiative
Sustainability Expert
January 2009 - present

John Wiley and Sons
author, sustainable design: ecology, architecture and planning
April 2007 - present

AIA Seattle
aia seattle editorial committee forum mag
January 2000 - present

aia seattle
January 2000 - present

American Institute of Architects
January 1998 - present

aia committee on the environment - cote
past chair & member
February 1989 - present

american planning association
September 1980 - present

daniel williams architect
principal; director of design and planning
May 1980 - present

dwa-design arcitecture | urban and regional design
principal; director of design, planning and industrial design
May 1980 - present

Presenter: 5th Annual International ESP Conference
Climate Change and an Ecosystem Services Approach to The Everglades National Park & Mississipp
July 2012 - July 2012

National AIA 2011 Urban & Regional Design Awards Jury
June 2010 - May 2011

AIA chair, iGcc Code development - Site Design and Land Use
January 2009 - January 2010

cascadia green building council
member, presenter 2007 vancouver convention
February 2006 - January 2010

principal investigator
January 2006 - January 2007

international conference on water+design
principal investigator
January 2005 - January 2006

aia sustainability task force
January 2005 - January 2006

American Solar Energy Society
January 1980 - January 2006

aia committee on the environment
2003 chair
January 2002 - January 2003

Jones & Jones Architects and Landscape Architects, Ltd.
principal / partner
January 2000 - January 2002

congress for the new urbanism
former chair: environmental committee
January 1992 - January 2002

Harvard GSD
Guest Speaker Sustainable Urban and Regional Design
June 2000 - July 2000

center for education and research, university of florida
August 1997 - September 1999

university of miami, center for urban and community design
research assoicate professor; principal investigator sustainable design and planning
March 1994 - July 1996