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Video: Taisei Corporation Technology Center

Taisei Corporation, a top design build firm in Japan, showed a video of the activities of their R&D center #TaiseiCorporation #CraftingtheFutureJapan #Innovation #technology #ResearchandDevelopment #DesignBuild


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Beyond Marketing - PMKC Webinar 03.22.2012

However, we were surprised by the number of firms who were using social media for purposes other than marketing, such as recruiting and retention, research and development, and knowledge management

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Focus Search - v=dnX4uN_oqjg& Webinar Beyond Marketing: Social Media for Recruiting and Retention, Research and Development, and Knowledge Management For audio, please listen through your computer or refer to your registration confirmation to listen by phone. 1 AIA Practice Management Knowledge Community • 9,700+ members with 5 member Advisory Group • Dedicated to sharing practice management knowledge and resources • Practice Management Digest • Best Practices • Webinars • Center for Integrated Practice • 2012 Fall Conference (September 19-22, 2012) South Atlantic Region, Loews Atlanta Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia • Visit our webpage at 2 For reporting AIA CES Learning Unit Credits (1.25 LUs): Report credit for all attendees at your site by completing the webinar survey/report form within 48 hours of the webinar’s conclusion

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Code Toilet or Not: That is the Question

Acknowledgements: The information reported in this paper was supported by the Department of Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation Research and Development Service and the US Access Board

Sanford Code paper.pdf

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3: Institut d’Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya

The Self Sufficient City competition is emblematic of the emerging debate over the shape of our cities. By the year 2050, more than 70% of humanity will live in a city. The IaaC believes that global harmony is achieved through the right interaction of people, city and planet. Spain and Barcelona...


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4: Bau, Centre Universitari de Disseny

Five years ago, Bau, Centre Universitari de Disseny (Design College of Barcelona) opened its new campus, and now occupies an entire city block in the newly revitalized neighborhood of Poble Nou, District 22@, which was Barcelona’s main industrial zone at the end of the 19th and beginning of the...

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Focus Search - Research and Development Design and Social Transformation COORDINATED BY DOCTOR TERESA MARTINEZ Areas of Research: • Historical memory and cultural identity in design • Inclusive and Sustainable Design • Pedagogical Innovation in Design • Objectology • Design and transformability 5. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT BAU, DESIGN COLLEGE OF BARCELONA I Thank you

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SAME APC Quarterly Journal (2015)

#SAME #APC #PA #PublicArchitectsCommittee #Newsletters #Engineers #Articles

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Focus Search - The SMS are developed by the CERL, part of US Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)

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PMKC Digest: 2018 Issues

Read through the 2018 Issues of the Practice Management Digest! Use the links to read online, or download the PDFs below.This library entry will be updated as new issues are released. March 2018: Presentation Strategies - Connecting with potential clients to increase your chances of...

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Focus Search - All decisions, from opportunities, to research and development, to client engagement, to evolution of practice is seen by gazing through the lens of design. 1/3 Knu Design We are a new, small, and building studio

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2018 Project Delivery Symposium: Delivering the Future

On March 6, the AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community held their first Symposium, Delivering the Future, at the AIA National Headquarters in Washington, DC. This one day event provided an interesting overview of how project delivery methods have evolved to their current state and how they...

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