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Small Project Practitioners

Project Practitioners Knowledge Community...This is the library for the Small

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Small Project Practitioners

I agree wholeheartedly with Klaus Steinke's comments re: the proper range of subject matter for this discussion group. My posts regarding Griffin's credentials were a response to what I consider an inappropriate and misleading use of the e-space, specifically, to spread propaganda. It is...

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Small Project Practitioners

Focus Search - Small Project Practitioners

Small Project Practitioners

The Small Project Practitioners (SPP...small projects that do not fit into the...profitably run a small firm and how to carry out

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Small Project Practitioners Round Table Toolkit

The toolkit serves as a resource for those wishing to engage in individual study and group discussions at the local level #SPP #SPPTips #Guides #Tips #Research

SPP Tool Kit.pdf

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2012 Small Project Awards

The Small Project Practitioners...small project practitioners for the high...Small Project Award Program to recognize

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RE:REVIT for small projects

good at it. I'm a sole practitioner doing...project in 3D from the start, then develop 2d...multiple operators can access the same project