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Posted 7 days ago

Our firm has used QuickBooks for our accounting from the beginning. However, we are in great need of staff time tracking and project management information to better manage staff and projects. Does anyone have experience with QuickBooks and can recommend software to augment and interface with this product.

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Posted 6 days ago
I am not aware of any add in software. When we started our firm quickbooks was fine. But as you state it doesn't provide staffing and project management. You should look at Ajera (a Deltek company). Has all the tools you will need for project management, staffing and financial management. Limited CRM functions but works well for our mid-sized firm.

Deltek Vision is more powerful than Ajera, but less user friendly and customized reports must be purchased or created.

Ajera has a lot of out of the box reports and graphics for dashboards to track all of the typical data a small to mid sized firm needs.

Hope this helps

Christopher Haupt AIA
Pittsburgh PA

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Posted 6 days ago
Our firm uses bill-quick for time tracking, works nicely for our smaller sized office needs.

Matthew Williams AIA
Freeman Morgan Architects
Henrico, VA

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Posted 6 days ago

Thank you for your response and based upon the response I have an additional question. 

Since QuickBooks seems to be difficult to use as a managemnt tool does anyone have expereince in transfering from QuickBooks to Deltec or a similar accounting and managemetn tool? 

My partners are hesitant to leave QuickBooks for fear of losing data and extreme cost increases.

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Posted 6 days ago
We moved from Quickbooks to Ajera several years ago before Deltek acquired them.  At the time, they offered data migration into the software. They may still offer that service.

I seem to remember it being somewhat painless, but costly.  You will need to decide how much historic data you want to migrate in.

John Chase AIA
Chase Marshall Architects, APAC
Lafayette LA

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Posted 6 days ago

For time tracking, we use TimeTracker by Ebility; it's a Web app that syncs with Quickbooks. 

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Posted 6 days ago
We have been using BEQ Software's ArchiOffice developed by Steve Burns FAIA for over three years after using Deltek for about 20 years.  We use ArchiOffice in combination with Quick Books.  This product; while a bit old, is very easy to use and has allowed the professional staff to take charge of various project management/accounting activities instead of administrative staff.  The invoicing is very easy with this product; which has really enabled us to get our bills out quickly and efficiently.  The combination of ArchiOffice and Quick Books has dramatically reduced our time and frustration in managing our administrative/accounting needs.   (BQE has a new product out called CORE that is totally cloud based.  We will be migrating to later this year.)

Klindt Breckenridge AIA
Breckenridge Group Architects | Planners
Tucson AZ

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Posted 3 days ago

We have been using Deltek Ajera for about 3 years, having transitioned from Wind-2. It is very effective in managing time and billing. We also use it for scheduling, and find it relatively easy to use.



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Posted 2 days ago

Our firm has done the same.  Very effective.

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Posted 2 days ago

When I had my own firm I used a MS Access database to organize the data and create the reports that QuickBooks could not. Over time I customized the database and added features as needed to track my employee's hours, organize invoices, track budgeted vs actual hours on projects, etc. I found this to be a low cost option that gave me maximum flexibility. Learning MS Access was a pain, but it was worth it. If you don't want to learn MS Access yourself you can always hire a programmer.


Donald Henke AIA


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Posted 2 days ago
We have been using Ajera software for a long time.  One week ago today our bookkeeper of 12 years died suddenly leaving us with a personal and business crises.  Everything is up to date.  A new person is hired and onboard however he does not have any experience with Ajera software.  We have a payroll due this Friday and do not know how to print it out.  If there is anyone willing to answer a few questions it would be most appreciated.  Joe Williams A/R/C Associates, Inc. Orlando, Florida

Joe Williams, AIA
A/R/C Associates, Incorporated
Orlando, Florida