Dr. Daniel Lamoreaux

School Psychologist,
University of Arizona

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University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ


I'm a school psychologist and a Tucson, Arizona native with a passion for the arts, architecture, psychology, and education. I'm a firm advocate of empiricism and evidence-based decision making; however it doesn't take empirical evidence to see that the design of most public school facilities is uninspiring, unimaginative, and probably downright ineffective. I aspire to cement myself in a knowledge base consisting of research methodology, developmental psychology, education, and neuroscience. Leveraging off of this foundation, I plan to apply my skills in research interpretation and analysis to bring research-driven principles to the architecture and design fields, with specific applications to the design of learning environments and K-12 school facilities. Working alongside architects, facilities planners, and school administrators, it is my hope that the best interests of the rising generation will become a shared priority that makes clear the need for evidence-based school design.


University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Ph.D., 2017
School Psychology; Neuro Architecture minor
Dissertation: Student Preferences for Safe and Psychologically Comfortable School Facilities
Advisor: Michael Sulkowski, Ph.D.

University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona, United States
M.A., 2015
School Psychology
2012 To 2015
Dissertation: N/A
Advisor: Michael Sulkowski, Ph.D.

Brigham Young University
Bachelor of Science (BS), Psychology, 2011
2009 To 2011

Job History

Tempe Elementary School District
Psychologist Intern
Tempe, AZ, United States
July 2016 - May 2017

CIAN-ERC, University of Arizona
Evaluations and Reports
January 2013 - June 2016

Boss Systems, LLC
January 2010 - July 2012

Telos Residential Treatment Center
June 2011 - May 2012

Polynesian Cultural Center
Tour Guide
June 2009 - December 2009


  • Still Photography


  • American Psychological Association, National Association of School Psychologists


  • Design for education, evidence-based design, Neuroscience, environmental psychology, post occupancy evaluation