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Dewberry Architects Inc.

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Dewberry Architects Inc.
Bartonville, IL


At Dewberry...
• Architectural Group (Spring 2008 to present)
• Internal Planning Committee Leader (Co-Lead) (Spring 2009 to present), Peoria Office
• Internal Education Review Committee (Spring 2010 to present), Peoria Office
• Emerging Professionals Group Leader (Co-Lead) (January 2015 to present), Peoria Office
• Deployed to Fairfax, VA Dewberry Corporate office from May 2013 to December 2014
• Certified LEED Green Associate, June 2014 to present
• Responsible per project within a team setting for quality production, construction documents, material specification coordination, construction administration review, quality control, and project closeout. Handles multiple projects simultaneously.
• Project types: K-12, Higher Ed, Municipal, Criminal Justice, Public Safety, and Mass Transit. Contracts range from $350K to $1.1 Billion.

I believe in passion, generosity, wisdom, ingenuity, respect, and tenacity. To hold these close in your personal and professional lives. Architecture is a platform that allows you to bring these forth everyday through ideas, concepts, vision, work ethic, attitude, client relations, and coworker relations. Art and Form give you the opportunity and responsibility to create a better future within your local communities and across the nation. It's an amazing field to be in.

"Nothing is more expensive than mediocrity.” – J. Irwin Miller
“Work very hard to learn. Never play it safe. Take the big risk.” – J. Irwin Miller

I currently work full-time (40+ hours) at Dewberry while attending Southern Illinois University - Carbondale as a Graduate Student (M.Arch) more than full-time (12 credits a semester, about another 40+ hours a week). I am working towards my M.Arch (future graduation of December 2016) with a focus on the social/ urban plan aspect of architecture. Societal problems cannot be solved by a single building, however, thorough research of social/cultural aspects, studying the urban plan and path, improving governing systems, and challenging the status quo can result in a positive impact through the built environment.

I am a board member for Keep Peoria Beautiful (2015-2018 Term). I am also a Registered Volunteer in the President's Volunteer Service Award Program (PVSA), January 2015 to present. I am on track for bronze which is a minimum of 100-249 volunteer hours per year. Giving back to one's community through service and profession is very important, we each influence our world for better or worse. "The President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is the premier volunteer awards program, encouraging citizens to live a life of service through presidential gratitude and national recognition."

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University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Bachelor of Science (BS), Architectural Studies, 2004
2001 To 2004

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Carbondale, Illinois, United States
M. Arch, on track to graduate in 2016
2015 To

Illinois Central College
East Peoria, Illinois, United States
N/A - transferred to UWM
Architecture & Spanish
1999 To 2001

Dale Carnegie
East Peoria, Illinois, United States
Graduate, 2010

Job History

Architectural Group
March 2008 - present

Martin Home Cleaning
Central Illinois Area
November 2006 - June 2008

Development Partner
Central Illinois Area
October 2006 - January 2008

Honors and Awards

AIA Knowledge Scholarship
AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice (AIA-AAJ)