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Davood Navabiasl

Chairman + Architect + Director of R&D in “Mohitma International Company”

Davood Navabiasl is chairman and researcher in “Mohitma International Company” with more than 15 years of experience. He earned a master's in architectural engineering from Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Iran in 2014. He is an independent researcher, painter, artist, designer, urban planner and he always using novel ideas for projects.

He is an Architect Member of; the American Institute of Architects (AIA), The U.S. Green Building Council, Iranian Engineers Society Organization, Iranian MEHRAZ NGO, and also Member of Iranian Society: Civil Engineers, Corrosion Association, Value Engineering, Tunnel, Concrete and Populations of Scientific Development.
He awarded “E-Learning Professional Real Estate Development” Certificate from the Stockholm University Centre for Regional and Educational Development, in 2010. He also one of Participation in “the Specialized Seminar: Evaluation of Experiences and Lessons Learned from the Reconstruction of Bam: Architecture & Urbanization”, that Organized By: UNESCO, Building and House Research Center, Engineering Disciplinary Organization, Research Center of Culture and Arts & University of Tehran, 12-13 January 2010, Tehran, Iran. He was a Reviewer in “The 3rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering & Operation Management” that was held in Istanbul Technical University, 3-6 July 2012. He was Chairman Assistant in the “4th International Congress of the Society of South Asian Archaeology”, that Organized By: Archaeological Sciences Research Centre, University of Sistan & Baluchestan, in 2012, Zahedan, Iran. He Awarded Prize for “Scientific Qualification in the Scientific Festival of Superior Students in Festivals, Inventors, Authors, Researchers & Scientific Top Students in Payam Noor University”, that was held by Payam Noor University, 18 November 2009, Tehran, Iran. He awarded Prize for “4th Mirmiran Conceptual Architectural Design Competition (Water & Architecture)”, Organized By: Mirmiran Architecture Foundation, that was held in 23 April 2010, Tehran, Iran. Also, he awarded “Sustainable Development” Certificate from “International Business Management Institute” in Berlin, Germany, 2021.

His ability is not limited to planning and designing projects, he also have successful records in the field of: Abstract Sculpture, Architecture Maquette, Composition Skills, Creativity Ability, Culture Adaptability, Developing Ideas, Environment Design, Fairs Competition, Graphics, Landscape Designer, Installation Art, Art Reviewer, Commercial Awareness, Decorative Arts, Manage Construction, Professionalism, Research Skills, Teaching, Workshop Skills, Artistic Ability, Interior Designer, Painting, Photographer, Urban Designer.
He Participated in the “World Architecture Festival, (WAF 2009)”, which was held in Spain, 2009, and he has Published 7 Journals and 27 Conference Papers and until 2021 he was awarded more than 7 Architecture Awards.
He has done Design, Planning, R & D, Projects:
Architectural Projects, Artistic Projects, Industrial Town, Urbanization, Infrastructure Projects, Investment in Industry, Manufacturing, Mines, Airport, Airline, Oil and Gas Industry Projects, Transportation and Transit, Communication and Information Technology, Water and Wastewater, Shipping, Bunkering and Green Energies in Central Asia and The Middle East.