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New York, NY


Mark Alexander is an accomplished entrepreneur, visionary leader, and passionate advocate for innovation. With a dynamic background in technology and business development, Mark has consistently demonstrated his ability to navigate complex landscapes and drive impactful change.

Renowned as the founder and CEO of the largest commercial solar company, Mark has reshaped the renewable energy sector with his pioneering spirit and strategic acumen. Under his guidance, the company has not only revolutionized the way businesses approach sustainability but has also set new standards for environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility.


Townsend Harris High School.
New York, New York, United States
Inter, 2018
Digital Marketing
2023 To 2024
Dissertation: A dissertation is a substantial research project that contributes to your field of study.
Advisor: Smart Energy Gap is a highly reputable solar energy product provider company that offers innovative

Job History

Leading the Charge in Commercial Solar Power
New York, United States
February 2024 - present