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L.A. Creative Technologies

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L.A. Creative Technologies
Los Angeles, CA


I'm an I.T. expert and business leader with specialties in Cyber Security, Digital Transformation and Automation.

In this role I've got over a decade of experience supporting Architeceture firms with their technology needs!

My first tech job was back at 8 years old 👶🏻, helping to promote a local children's software store. The 3+ decades since then have included running my online Bulletin Board in the early 90's, selling books and records online in the early aughts, 5 years running tech for radio stations, building computer labs in rural Guatemalan towns and 20 years performing as a DJ and producing music events.

This varied experience led me to launch LA Creative Technologies in 2009 - leveraging my nerdy 🤓 skills to help people get things done. My love of technology and fixing things has evolved over the years into a passion for delivering IT solutions that empower Architects, artists, creators and startup entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles that accompany business growth.

The best part of my job is studying clients’ businesses, discovering their unique needs and then developing tailored solutions that enable them to grow. I create tools and services to increase productivity, increase revenues, and improve efficiency.

Preferring to eschew buzzy, jargony consultant speak, I provide technology and project management expertise through a human-centered approach that includes meaningful, productive conversations and collaboration.


University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California, United States
Bachelor of Arts, 2004
Media Studies and U.S. History
2000 To 2004

Job History

L.A. Creative Technolgies
Cyber Security, Digital Transformation and Automation Expert
Los Angeles, CA, United States
January 2010 - present


  • Computer Applications
  • Security Evaluation and Planning
  • Start-Up Assistance


  • historic preservation, cloud technology, los angeles