Ms. Sarah Gudeman

Mechanical Engineer,
Morrissey Engineering

Contact Details

Morrissey Engineering
Omaha, NE


A life-long interest in 'how things work'​ led me to my career path as a mechanical engineer.

I strive to learn and do more, to go above and beyond expectations, develop innovative project-specific solutions, and think outside the box.

My interest in and passion for the natural environment provides a logical bridge to the specialties of sustainable design and energy efficiency. I am also highly motivated to improve the indoor environments in which we work, play and sleep - bringing the ideals of the green building movement into close correlation with practical, cost-effective solutions to achieve the highest levels of client, owner, and occupant satisfaction.

I enjoy engineering at its core: solving problems with creativity, calculations, research and imagination. These opportunities present themselves daily in both new and existing buildings.

These are the same reasons I enjoy the work I do - no two buildings are alike. Each new project provides unique opportunities for all those involved... from conception through design, construction and commissioning, to ongoing measurement & verification. Each day brings a new challenge.

My Top-Five Strengths: Achiever, Maximizer, Learner, Analytical, and Ideation.

Job History

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping
Instructor, Level 2
February 2011 - present

Morrissey Engineering
Mechanical Engineer, Project Manager
December 2008 - present