Personal Greeting Jess Epps Jr., AIA Member Emeritus

Epps Architecture Consultancy

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Epps Architecture Consultancy
Kerrville, TX


I am what Rush Limbaugh calls a "seasoned citizen," and a member of what Tom Brokow calls the "greatest generation," but am told by many that I don't look like it. I certainly don't feel like it, and definitely don't act like it - being young at heart and attitude. I have all my hair, all my teeth, and most of my marbles.

I was Mandad to two Australian Cattle dogs named Blue and Ruby. Blue, who have gone to join Betsy, my dear deceased wife.

Before hurricane Ike, I drove an Avanti II, and now drive a 2005 Ford Thunderbird 50th Anniversary Limited Edition. Irecently sold my 45 foot Dufour ketch Archangele, which had sailed me many nautical miles over blue water to exotic places. I like jazz, country and classical music with my Irish whisky and Honduran cigars.


Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas, United States
Bachelor of Architecture (5 years), 1951
1946 To 1951

Job History

Epps Architecture Consultancy
Founding Principal
Seabrook, TX, United States
August 1954 - present