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The AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community (PD) promotes the architect’s leadership role in all project delivery methods by assembling and distributing knowledge and best practices for a variety of project delivery methods, e.g. design-build (DB), integrated project deliveries (IPD), and public-private partnerships (P3).

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Will the real BIMForum please stand up?

  • 1.  Will the real BIMForum please stand up?

    Posted 09-18-2023 09:45 AM

    The BIMForum releases statement on original content:

    It has been brought to BIMForum’s attention that, as has happened before, an organization has appeared styling itself as a “BIMForum.” In the present instance, an organization calling itself “BIMForum Global” has published documents in a manner that is confusingly similar to BIMForum’s publications and includes BIMForum’s copyrighted material...

    Read the full statement here -

    Brian Skripac Assoc. AIA
    Design Build Institute Of America - Dbia
    Wexford PA

  • 2.  RE: Will the real BIMForum please stand up?

    Posted 09-19-2023 05:38 PM

    It seems to me that the logical action would be for BIMForum to issue a detailed and specific "Cease and Desist" order to BIMForum Global, with a deadline for compliance with the order, and if they do not comply by the deadline, to commence legal action.

    William Wheatley AIA
    Wheatley Us Limited
    Wynnewood PA