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The Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH) provides knowledge which supports the design of healthy environments by creating education and networking opportunities for members of – and those touched by – the health care architectural profession.

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COVID-19 resources for health care design

You can contribute information to the AIA COVID-19 project database, and view all submitted projects. Visit the Alternative Care Sites preparedness site to learn important areas to evaluate when selecting ACSs for the care and treatment of COVID-19 or surge capacity patients.

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Texas A&M University Study: Valuations of Architectural Services from Four Stakeholder Perspectives

  • 1.  Texas A&M University Study: Valuations of Architectural Services from Four Stakeholder Perspectives

    Posted 08-13-2023 10:09 PM


    I'm an architect and research student at Texas A&M University's School of Architecture, investigating possible areas of priority alignment and misalignment amongst design-bid-build team members. This study considers how healthcare clients, healthcare architects, general contractors, and academic design instructors value architectural services. The first phase of this study includes a questionnaire for each of the above-mentioned interest groups and will be active until August 31, 2023. The second phase involves focus group discussions about the survey results. The focus groups will be organized per stakeholder group. We invite you to participate in either or both of the phases.

    Please know that participation is voluntary, and participant confidentiality is prioritized. Within each survey is a consent form for your review. After reading the consent terms, if you choose to participate, please select "I Agree" under the consent statement. All research is conducted at Texas A&M University, within the School of Architecture's Department of Architecture. For questions regarding participation in this study, please contact the study's research team at Thank you in advance for your time and participation. Please see the survey link below:

    Bryan Waters, AIA, MBA

    PhD Candidate

    Texas A&M University School of Architecture

    Langford Architecture Bldg., College Station, TX 77840

    IRB No.: IRB2022-0398

    Bryan Waters AIA
    PhiloWilke Partnership
    Houston TX