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The Practice Management Knowledge Community (PMKC) identifies and develops information on the business of architecture for use by the profession to maintain and improve the quality of the professional and business environment.  The PMKC initiates programs, provides content and serves as a resource to other knowledge communities, and acts as experts on AIA Institute programs and policies that pertain to a wide variety of business practices and trends.


  • 1.  BIM Change Orders

    Posted 2 days ago

    My office recently received a change order on a project that had contractor BIM costs associated with it. The contractor BIM costs were more than the cost of the work in the change order. Does anyone have experience with a similar situation? How did you resolve it?

    Gregory Swanson AIA
    State of Illinois
    Springfield IL
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  • 2.  RE: BIM Change Orders

    Posted 17 hours ago

    I suggest reading your contract's general conditions to see what is included in the definition of "overhead" for changes. 

    If the BIM work is only for contractor's convenience, it would seem to be their cost, not to pass on to you.

    If you require that they turn over BIM documentation at closeout as a form of as-builts, there might be a leg for them to stand on.

    Then, talk to whoever is responsible for editing your general conditions and come up with something that is reasonable and fair, for future projects. 

    Joel Niemi AIA
    Joel Niemi Architect
    Snohomish, WA

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