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The AIA Interfaith Design (ID) Knowledge Community encourages and supports excellence in the design of worship spaces and their accoutrements. Interfaith Design is an association of professionals whose primary interest is religious facilities in a broad array of traditions. We value an interfaith forum for the exchange of ideas relating to religion, art, and architecture. Join us!

2021 Faith and Forum Awards — Part I

  • 1.  2021 Faith and Forum Awards — Part I

    Posted 05-03-2023 10:16 AM

    In the coming weeks, we'll be showcasing the recent award winners for the Faith & Form Religious Architecture & Art Awards as we quickly approach the International Religious Art & Architecture Awards Program & Reception for the 2022 award winners as part of A'23, the AIA Conference on Architecture 2023. Registration for both the conference and the awards program and reception is still open.

    Click on any of the images below for more information on the project.

    The Holy Redeemer Church and Community Centre of Las Chumberas
    Category: Religious Architecture: New Facilities Honor Award

    Photography: Patrica Cámpora, Simona Rota

    Fernando Menis, Architect
    Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

    Jury Comments: This is an amazing work. It appears as if blocks of stone have been chiseled and hollowed out to create spiritual spaces in their use of light and texture. It creates intimacy and warmth. The interior surfaces also enhances the acoustics. Structural components are expressive. There is particular attention on acoustics and daylighting.

    Photography: Patrica Cámpora, Simona Rota

    Sohelou St. Marc Catholic Chapel
    Category: Religious Architecture: New Facilities Award
    Photography: ACKI

    Only Human, Architect
    Sohelou Village, Tak, Thailand

    Jury Comments: A stunning site, which the chapel has a symbiotic relationship to. The interiors are particularly striking, the way it admits light and creates the experience of the Cross, created with light as well as shadow. The interior creates a frame for experiencing the verdant outdoor environment.

    Photography: ACKI Photography

    Church of Luoyuan
    Category: Religious Architecture: New Facilities Award

    Shikai / INUCE

    INUCE • Dirk U. Moench / Dirk U. Moench, Architect
    Fuzhou City, Luoyuan County, China

    Jury Comments: The glass is expertly chosen and carefully positioned on the wall to create the maximum effect of color gradations. It is often hard to make a design look random, so this interior is no small feat. The space is dazzling, achieved with simplicity of form and material.

    Photography: Shikai / INUCE

    Temple Akiba Renovation
    Religious Architecture: Renovation Honor Award

    Photography: Shikai / INUCE

    Herman Coliver Locus Architecture
    Culver City, California

    Jury Comments: This project transformed a rather dull, drab, dark box into a very animated and iconic form that introduces light into a spiritual place for the community. The amount of daylight is wonderful. It’s a consistent renovation in terms of the use of light and color.

    Photography: Emily Hagopian

    Trinity Church Wall Street
    Religious Architecture: Restoration Award

    Photography: Colin Winterbottom

    MBB Architects
    New York, New York

    Jury Comments: The sensitivity to this landmark historic building is well done, and the design of the new canopy makes this element virtually disappear, which is amazing. The design is not historicized or passed off as something it isn’t. It’s honest in its interpretation of the church’s original architecture.

    Photography: Colin Winterbottom

    St. Augustine Cathedral Renovation
    Religious Architecture / Restoration Award

    Photography: Francis Dzikowski

    Duncan G. Stroik, LLC, Architect
    Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Jury Comments: The jury applauds the amount of research completed before the design of this restoration. There is a faithfulness to original materials and forms, which are well executed. It is delicious! It feels as though we have been transported back to the day the cathedral was originally completed.

     Photography: Francis Dzikowski

    St Peter’s Episcopal Church Rehabilitation
    Adaptive Re-Use / Re-Purpose Award

    Photography: Dirk Matthews

    AltusWorks, Inc.
    Chicago, Illinois

    Jury Comments: The repurposed spaces are achieved with light and views, integrated into the volume of the entire church. The core original purpose of the nave is preserved with the sensitive addition of these community uses in the side aisles. The reversible glass walls preserve the historical integrity of the architecture.

    Photography: Dirk Matthews

    Temple Beth Am Sanctuary Renovation
    Liturgical / Interior Design Honor Award

    Photography: Richard Barnes

    Herman Coliver Locus Architecture
    Los Angeles, California

    Jury Comments: The jury appreciates the integration of light in the space, using it as an element of the architectural experience, not as an afterthought. The selection of the materials is well thought-out and judicial. The before-and-after images are really striking, revealing what was achieved.

    Photography: Richard Barnes

    Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
    Liturgical / Interior Design Award

    Photography: Conrad Schmitt Studios – Zack Reuter

    Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc.
    Charleston, South Carolina

    Jury Comments: This project takes the existing architecture and ornament and achieves a complete transformation with just paint and decoration. It is not the same interior, as it uses decoration and depth of color to make a transcendent interior. It is very powerful.

    Photography: Conrad Schmitt Studios – Zack Reuter

    Andrew Witek, AIA