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Covid 19 and Construction Projects

  • 1.  Covid 19 and Construction Projects

    Posted 12 days ago
    I am a part of the Project Management team at the University of Illinois - Chicago, with a focus on the hospital, Given the current public health crisis, we are trying to determine policies and protocols for projects underway or planned in the hospital.  

    To help our team, I was wondering if people could share if/how other hospitals are handling this.  Are their certain types of projects that they are proceeding with?  Have they ordered all projects halted?  Are all projects moving forward as planned?  Only projects underway?

    Are your clients/hospitals constructing any temporary, specialized facilities to handle the expected patient load and/or keep infected patients separated from the rest of the patient population.

    Finally, if anyone knows of guideines or policies they can point us to or share, we would appreciate it.

    Walter Hainsfurther, FAIA
    University of Illinois - Chicago
    Office of Planning, Sustainability and Project Management
    Assistant Director of Project Management - Architecture
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  • 2.  RE: Covid 19 and Construction Projects

    Posted 11 days ago

    Hello Walter,

    Here in Boston, we have seen all construction projects shut down by the Mayor. Before that hospitals were stopping construction, but most are keeping design projects going, with meetings all virtual.


    We also have one community hospital that halted all design projects so they could focus on their COVID response.


    You can see in this article that Steward health is shifting one smaller hospital to be COVID only.


    I don't have guidelines beyond FGI to share, but will if  see them.


    Wishing you all the best.



    Principal | Planning



    100 High Street, Suite 1800
    Boston, MA 02110

    T 617.502.3566 C 978.335.1334



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  • 3.  RE: Covid 19 and Construction Projects

    Posted 10 days ago
    Walter:  I am a public health / environmental health scientist specializing in air/water/surface transmission of pathogens in healthcare facilities.  I focus for my professional position on reducing illness and injury from waterborne pathogens.  I do not formally practice architecture in the traditional sense but I was a 25+ year healthcare design professional prior to obtaining my doctorate.

    With that said, we service a large number of clients in the MidWest Region who have construction projects underway.   We have noticed that they are continuing to finish what is already under construction and then they are also examining where they are with bed capacity.  They are considering how to flex areas back into more bed space.  So there is a pause in terms of starting new projects, but that seems to be temporary to the emergency response for COVID19.  We have had numerous calls about checking areas for water quality to reactivate dormant, vacant, or previously used space for clinical care especially beds.  We also have folks opening ambulatory surgery centers and considering these as flax space for triage of patients etc.  Almost every option is on the board for increasing capacity.  To me the facility could do a safety risk assessment about the status of projects (in planning, in permitting, in progress, and about to complete) to determine a course of action. 

    I don't know how helpful that is but I feel the healthcare providers are ramping up for every space they can get that can safely operate within healthcare environment of care parameters.


    Molly M. Scanlon, PhD, FAIA, FACHA
    Environmental Health Scientist

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  • 4.  RE: Covid 19 and Construction Projects

    Posted 10 days ago

    We are seeing a mixture of responses from clients. In some markets (Boston), all construction has been halted except "essential" – which means some healthcare-related projects can move forward. In NY, it's mixed by facility – almost all interior renovations within a hospital have been stood down, but some exterior work and/or high-priority projects that can demonstrate a tight barrier between the construction zone and the hospital are proceeding. Some projects at OP or ambulatory facilities are proceeding. It's definitely on a case-by-case basis, depending on where you are in the country and what is being mandated by state/local governments to keep their communities safe. Most of the systems we work with have done a project-by-project review to determine how to handle each one individually on its merits. We are continuing with design work, although remotely, on most of our projects.


    Hope this helps – will share more as we learn more.


    Jennifer R. Arbuckle, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP                                                                                                                




    185 talcott road, williston, VT  05495

    888.781.8441 t 802.878.8841 c 802.734.1254


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  • 5.  RE: Covid 19 and Construction Projects

    Posted 9 days ago
    Our design of multiple major medical centers across the nation has been either suspended temporarily or referred to teleconferencing until further notice. Project Design Centers have been shuttered. The doors have shut on the medical campuses to everyone but critical personnel. One project is considering an indefinite delay as they seek to redirect financial, physical and staff toward their COVID-19 response. Several have erected temporary patient facilities and are looking to utilizing vacant dorms and hotels for overflow capacity.

    Jerry Stephen Clubb, Sr.
    CEO / President

    AZ Office:  20280 North 59th Avenue, #115
                       Glendale, Arizona 85308 USA

    Mobile:     602-315-1955

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  • 6.  RE: Covid 19 and Construction Projects

    Posted 10 days ago
    ​In response to the question posed, I can say that our own organizational approach has been to continue with projects that are on the exterior (roof replacements, parking lots, etc.), or new construction that is already functionally isolated from residents on campus.  But we have suspended all work inside our health care centers.

    Kim Otten AIA
    The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society
    Sioux Falls SD

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  • 7.  RE: Covid 19 and Construction Projects

    Posted 5 days ago
    Edited by Julia Bright 5 days ago
    For COVID-19 patients takin and triage, Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN converted a portion of a parking garage floor located near the emergency entrance.   Installed Acoustical ceiling with lights and resilient sheet flooring.  Temporary Head wall of gyp and metal stud. Beds spaced out for social distancing between beds.

    Elaine Bright, aia LEED AP
    Bright Ventures Architectural Consulting
    Nashville, TN

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  • 8.  RE: Covid 19 and Construction Projects

    Posted 4 days ago

    As it continues to evolve…at this point in time, our healthcare clients are continuing to move forward with project design work via virtual meeting sessions.  For healthcare construction projects, some of our healthcare clients have prioritized their construction projects with the goal to proceed with projects that support acute or COVID-19 needs.  Construction design team members are performing construction meetings by phone of virtual site visits with contractor on site.

    Our clients are installing temporary facilities with tents or modifying existing spaces with temporary partitions to support the anticipated patients to be triaged or staged.  Clients are discussing and exploring use of hotels or dorms as an option for the anticipated patients.  Lastly, there are modular companies providing healthcare organizations approaches of modular trailer type units for taking care of 8-12 patients at a time.   Even one modular company has asked for input to their housing modules they are adapting for the healthcare crisis.


    Solvei Neiger


    T 503.863.2364 E
    1223 SW Washington Street, Suite 200
    Portland, OR 97205

    Solvei Neiger AIA
    ZGF Architects LLP
    Portland OR

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