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The Young Architects Forum (YAF), a program of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the College of Fellows (COF), is organized to address issues of particular importance to recently licensed architects.

FAQ: What is a young architect and what is an emerging professional? Young architects are architects licensed up to ten years of initial licensure, and the name does not have any relationship to age. Emerging professionals are professionals who have completed their academic studies up to the point of licensure or up to 10 years after completion of their academic studies. Although young architects are now defined as distinct from emerging professionals, many components refer to these groups similarly. For example, a local YAF group may include emerging professionals and a local Emerging Professionals Committee may include young architects.

Q3 Connection: Call for submissions (J.E.D.I - Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion)

  • 1.  Q3 Connection: Call for submissions (J.E.D.I - Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion)

    Posted 07-27-2021 11:03 AM

    Call for submissions on the topic of 'J.E.D.I' in architecture.

    Connection's editorial committee welcomes the submission of articles, projects, photography, and other design content. Submitted content is subject to editorial review and selected for publication in e-magazine format based on relevance to the theme of this particular issue.

    Subject: J.E.D.I
    · Justice
    · Equity
    · Diversity
    · Inclusion

    Draft deadline: 08/27/2021

    If you are interested in building your resume and contributing to Connection please contact the Editor In Chief at:

    #jedi #justice #equity #diversity #YAF


    Beresford Pratt AIA
    Ayers Saint Gross
    Baltimore MD